GLASSER: The QR Code and the Damage Done

As you may have seen on the internets the last few days, our very own Glasser performed on the Jimmy Fallon show on Monday. The concept of using QR codes on TV came from a desire to create a more interactive experience for viewers of the show (shouting out “yo hit me up on Twitter” just didn’t cut it). So we places a series of QR codes around the stage to embed special content in the performance.

About the QR Codes

We wanted to solve the problem of how can people at home or in an audience feel a greater level of participation than just sitting and listening. By using QR codes people will explore and find embedded content that was previously not available to them and have a richer viewing experience. Glasser is not a 2-dimensional artist- the primary thing that drew us into her music was the 3D world that her music and her personality invoke- it’s a world you want to dive into.

Rather than just use standard QR code generators, Glasser wanted to re-interpret the album cover for Ring. To achieve this, RISD graduate student, Kyuha Shim, built a system using programming language that receives color data sets from Glasser’s album graphics and adapts them to the modules that she designed. The result is an aesthetic for the QR codes that both departs from the monochromatic standards for QR codes, and more importantly ties the experience back to the album sleeve originally designed by Tauba Auerbach.

About the Embedded Content

Each QR code on the set of the performance links to a unique Glasser-related space, primarily via QR scanners on mobile phones.
They are a series of online 3D “zones” developed by Mitch Trale with Glasser. The zones create an added visual layer to the experience while also being a portal for content. While it was initially only accessible through the QR codes, it’s now embeddable for you and whoever else to post around and share. You can get the album cheap, download mp3s, view a music vid and watch the performance itself. Hope you have as much psychedelic/next-level fun messing around in this zone as we did conceiving and executing this whole crazy idea.

The best part is that the experience lives on after the show. Hopefully people will continue to discover and share the codes long after the broadcast is over.

You can dive into the zone below.By clicking HERE HINT THE ACTUAL FALLON PERFORMANCE IS IN THE BLUE GEM


Glasser (Cameron Mesirow): Concept
MCT: Zone Design + Development
Christopher P. Allick + Trevor Gilley- Technical + Creative Direction
Pablo Rochat + Kyuha Shim (RISD)- QR Code Design