New Cold Cave album: Cherish The Light Years

On April 5 Cold Cave will release their second album, Cherish The Light Years. Recorded with Chris Coady in New York City, the record is a tour de force of pounding synths and soaring romantic melody. Bandleader Wesley Eisold has taken Cold Cave worlds beyond 2008’s Love Comes Close with a massive, ambitious love letter to his adopted city. With Eisold’s newfound vocal strength fully to the fore on every track, Cherish The Light Years is a remarkable progression and we are confident that it will shake your world.

Other players on the album include longtime Cold Cave associates Dominick Fernow on electronics and Jennifer Clavin on backing vocal and synthesizer, plus Tonie Joy, Nick Zinner and Sean Martin on guitars, Daryl Palumbo on bass and guitar, Matt Sweeney on bass and Gae Licata on drums. Several of these will be joining Eisold on the road as the touring band, with other players to be announced.

The track list is as follows:

1. The Great Pan Is Dead
2. Pacing Around The Church
3. Confetti
4. Catacombs
5. Underworld USA
6. Icons Of Summer
7. Alchemy and You
8. Burning Sage
9. Villains of the Moon

There will be three different preorders available:

As announced yesterday, Cold Cave will be touring extensively this spring, both headlining and supporting The Kills. Keep your eyes on this space to order a bundle comprised of tickets and either or both the Cold Cave and Kills CDs.

Visit RIGHT NOW to preorder a limited-edition handmade version of the Cold Cave album on vinyl, with a special cover designed by the band. This is limited to 123 copies.

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All preorders will come with a free poster as well.