Write About Love contest winners, part 3: Grand Prize

The Belle and Sebastian Write About Love contest is closed and the band has judged.


John Ficenec, of Omaha Nebraska!

We reprint his winning essay below. John will be getting a personal visit from Belle and Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch, and the band will then be writing a song about him, to be released this spring on Matador. (He will also receive the autographed album and Belle and Sebastian medal.)

Advice for Young Lovers: Never in ANY instance believe that you are going to marry someone you are dating/fond of before you are 18. Play the field while you are young. Don’t cheat or be a whore but see what all the fish are like so you’ll know what you like and what you don’t. Don’t dwell on past loves; they are ex’s for a reason. Don’t go out with someone if you have to keep it a secret because when it ends since no one knows you were dating there will be no one there but your actually ex to comfort you and chances are pretty good that they won’t. While you can show some public affection keep it to a minimal of holding hands or a cheek kiss. I always find myself disgusted walking by and seeing people swap tongue right in the middle of public. Yes, we get you are dating and whatnot, but really get a room. Don’t have sex without a condom. Don’t date your best friend. It may sound like a good idea at the time and even while you are going out with them but you know what when the relationship is over so is the amazing friendship. Don’t date people up to 2 years or older until you are 18. Don’t make someone your rebound. It makes them feel like shit and you feel like a monster. Talk to your significant other. Laugh with them ask them questions but DON’T interrogate them. Don’t become too jealous of anyone else. And never EVER get into the friends zone with someone you are fond of. It will scratch away at your heart and soul knowing that you will get no further than friends but that your heart wants to be more than friends.

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16 thoughts on “Write About Love contest winners, part 3: Grand Prize”

  1. Christ, I hope this John Guy really is still in middle school. Otherwise he should be tried as an adult for stealing this contest with that cut and paste job from google.

  2. 100 posts hyping this contest only to have a hack job win the grand prize. Yet no mention of Jay on the anniversary of his death.

  3. TIS,

    I believe there were only 80 or so posts hyping this contest.

    We’re gonna close the comments on this particular topic as it kinda feels like there’s a bit of piling on happening here. You don’t have to love the winning entry but the expressions of distaste are getting a little redundant. But I will add that we’ve asked Stuart Murdoch to post on this topic —the finalists and victor were most certainly NOT handpicked by the record label.

    RE : Jay’s death. I think that’s a valid criticism. We’ve always tried to make this blog about more than just selling records. Clearly this anniversary means something to a lot of people and with good reason. We were aware Pitchfork and Spinner were each running long-ish pieces on the day in question…and i guess I made my own exec decision to refrain from further comment (though I’d hardly have stopped another blog contributor from doing something).

    We’d mentioned this tragedy at the time….Jay was amongst the individuals we dedicated our recent Matador at 21 box set to…..but I didn’t feel personally like I had anything else I wanted to share last week. We miss him. Terribly. No disrespect was intended towards his memory or his friends and fans by not mentioning the anniversary on the blog.

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