Write About Love contest winners, part one: Honorable Mentions

As you may have read over on the Belle and Sebastian site, Stuart has chosen the shortlist of winners for the Write About Love contest. We are pleased to announce our Part One winners, the Honorable Mentions, today:

Ann Orsini – Carrboro, NC
Paul Sotrop – Maplewood, NJ
Brett Hall – Lawrence, KS
Michele Muller – Brooklyn, NY
Mike Janzen – Spruce Grove, Alberta (Canada)
Michael Henriksen – Salt Lake City, UT
Blake Gibson – Cincinnati, OH
Ryan Johnson – Ludington, MI
Brian Pfeiffer – Oakland, CA
Tyler Ring – Columbia, TN
Keith Kuramoto – Glendale, CA
Megan Helstone – Bellflower, CA
Chad Johnston – Lawrence, KS
Evan Minsker – Dexter, MI
Joshua Cagan – Los Angeles, CA
Camille Akers – Omaha, NE
Joanna Blauer – Ypsilanti, MI
Nicholas Burica – Tinley Park, IL
Daryan Reay Farrell – Urbandale, IA
Trudy Haley – Scandinavia, WI
Andrew Weber – Bloomington, IN

Honorable Mention winners will receive autographed LPs of Write About Love. (If your name is on the list above and you haven’t heard from us, keep checking your email – you should be contacted shortly. If you still haven’t heard, please email Mike V and ask him what’s up.)

Keep checking back here this week to see Part 2 and Part 3 announcements: the Runner Ups and the Grand Prize – a get-to-know-you meeting with Stuart himself followed by a Belle and Sebastian song written about the winner.

One thought on “Write About Love contest winners, part one: Honorable Mentions”

  1. not even in top 26?
    congrats though, that is a very generous amount of autographed prizes and one of the coolest, most unique contests i’ve ever heard of!

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