Damian Abraham on TV, every Wednesday at 10 PM

photo by Jess Baumung

We are excited to announce that Damian Abraham of Fucked Up has his own TV show. That’s right, he’ll be appearing on Canada’s MuchMusic network every Wednesday night at 10 PM, as host of the relaunched Wedge. The Wedge is all original music programming, and Damian’s encyclopedic knowledge of underground music history (and indeed mainstream music history) is sure to make the show engrossing and entertaining in equal measures.

“The Wedge played a huge part in my musical development,” said Damian Abraham, host of revamped series The Wedge. “I’m honoured to be able to have the same impact on a new generation of music fans.”

Full press release here.

Gremlins say that FU might be recording a new studio album for release this year.

2 thoughts on “Damian Abraham on TV, every Wednesday at 10 PM”

  1. Oh man, I use to tape the Wedge every week in the late 90’s early 2000’s… one of the better shows, along with “The New Music” on MuchMusic back in the day. I’ll definitely look out for the revamped version. Would be cool if Sook-Yin made a cameo!

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