Fucked Up explain their record artwork

Triumph of Life 7″
“It’s pretty much just a picture of a bird (the extinct Black Mamo) but then when you look closer you see that what makes the picture and the bird significant is the flower it’s standing on, whose petals are perfectly formed to fit this bird’s beak, and no other. This holds with the syncretic message that most FU songs are about, our ‘anti-dualism’ vibes.”

The Chemistry of Common Life LP
“If you look closely you can tell that its not just one image, but a composite of about 35 different shots lined up on top of each other, which is why you have some people and cars overlapping, and explains the relative brightness of the sun, and the lens flare everywhere. The shot is supposed to represent the main idea behind the record, which is the unity between culture and nature, and the idea that the literal source for all human culture and life is the sun. Even though the title is taken from a 19th century book on wild mushroom identification, what it means for the album is how everything that’s cultural about our lives has its source in nature and science, and that there really isn’t a divide between the two spheres.”

Baiting the Public 7″
“Probably my favourite sleeve that we’ve done. This was only our third 7″ release. The front image is meant to be a metaphor for what we thought we were in punk, and what punk was in the world (we were really into punk at that point) – a pack of rats running over a proper looking young woman in bed.”

“The inside was more to the heart of what this record was about, which was more or less a tribute to the Actionists, a radical art group in 1960s Austria. The inner picture depicts one of their ‘events’ which is basically a naked man aiming a naked woman at a roomful of people. The Actionists, along with the Situationists, who were another big ‘influence’ of ours at the time, were admired because of their blatant attempts to challenge and shock rather than pander to their audience.”

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