I Love

I love my parents. We have a pretty tight family, my two brothers and them.  Grandma is in the mix too of course.  My folks used to drive 3 hours just to have lunch with me when I was in school, then drive the 3 back.  Now they fly three hours out to new york for the weekend every other month or so.  That’s some love.  Mom cries when I or my brothers are upset and every single phone conversation with my dad ends with, “Love ya man, don’t die.” I’m very lucky and don’t take it for granted. The times I have with my brothers are hard to beat, nearly impossible.  love those dudes. Linds and I have something amazing.  I’ve loved her since I met her…well, as much you can be in love in fourth grade.  I remember the day we met vividly, I was amazed at how small her little fingers were. I asked her out in fifth grade, she said no.  I got her though, I love her. I love my friends, old and new. Don’t really have any foes…what for? I think I’ll reserve love for just family and friends.  A dog or two might inch their way in too later down the line. I can’t bring myself to accept ‘love’ of an insanely good basketball team (beak ’em) or ‘love’ of a tasty medium rare cheeseburger w/ cheddar, caramelized onion, lettuce and delicious sauces or ‘love’ of the rare front to back great record to be equal to that of my family.  I hope, if i do have little blakes, that i can show them the same love, affection and dedication my parents have showed me every day of my life.  It is all that matters.

ich liebe das welt,


I like this album