Someone Is Doing A Really Shitty Impersonation Of Me

Earlier today, someone representing a band I’ve not heard of before (that’s not meant as a diss, btw, there’s plenty of good bands I’ve not heard of) forwarded the following bit of correspondence.  If you’re in a band, please be advised that a) “[email protected]” is not my email address, b) I have no family in Columbus (though I have great respect for Ron House) and c) I would never in a million years tell anyone “you have a great sound and seem to really capture a crowd.”  Thank you.

Greetings from the East.
I caught (NAME REDACTED) in Columbus last night. I’m not from the area, just visiting family for the holiday.

I’ll cut to the chase.
You’ve got a very impressive band in your house.
They have a great sound and seem to really capture a crowd.

Anyway, this is not my typical protocol for a business-related matter, but I didn’t get a chance to meet the band before they left the show last night.

I’d love to schedule a meeting, and talk about getting these guys a 2 album record deal.
Can you pass me their information along with any contracts related to (NAME REDACTED) & the band?

If I don’t hear back, I’ll try to call the phone number listed on your website. Is that info up to date?
Thank you.

Gerard C.
SC/ Matador

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  1. I too am interested in this band; in fact, if they give me all of their sensitive banking information, I’ll deposit $3 million dollars directly into their account!

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