Silkscreened Matador at 21 posters now available

Ladies & gents, head over to the Matador Store right now to get your hands on these limited-edition (200 of each) “Matador at 21” posters a few of our good friends and collaborators designed specially for “the Lost Weekend” & our coming-of-age.

Susanna Vapnek – NYC-based painter and collage artist, as well as documentary filmmaker. Designed the sleeves to several records by Spoon. (24″ x 16″)

Frank Longo – Virginia based artist and designer, worked for several years as graphic designer at Matador Records, designed the books for Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe and the Matador at 21 box set (18″ x 24″)

James McNew – Brooklyn-based musician and artist. Bass player, multi-instrumentalist, and occasional lead singer in Yo La Tengo. Also well known for his four-track home-recorded project Dump.    (16.5″ x 24″)

Mogollon – very well known NYC design firm, does work across the fields of fashion, music, editorial, etc., from Madonna to Om Records to Tush Magazine. Also designed a Matador label T-shirt (18″ x 24″)

SOLD OUT! Lindsay Shutt – Memphis-based artist, designed one of the 7″es in the limited-edition Jay Reatard series (Always Wanting More) EDIT: & (18″ x 24″)

We also have a few of the American Apparel t-shirts from the event left over (in all sizes right now) — pick them up at the store Store & act fast as these shirts are in limited supply!

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