Writing About Love

My turn to Write About Love.

Well, for me, noone sings/cries the word “love” with more power than Van Morrison on “Madame George”. And no album makes me love or weep more than Astral Weeks.

The last time I wept to AW, in fact, was on a plane ride home from this. Apologies to the woman sitting next to me. It cannot be helped when you’re at high altitudes, sleep deprived, quite possibly still drunk and listening to this…“And the love that loves the love that loves the love that loves the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love that loves.”

I love waking up late on the weekends with my love (hi, Pete); reading the  paper and watching Meet The Press The Soup. I love most old things: books, music, movies, buildings, fashion, John Slattery, etc.

Sometimes I think maybe I’ve stopped loving my first love, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Then I remember, I never actually cancelled my membership in the JTT Fan Club. So technically speaking that love is still going.

I love my little brothers (see you dudes, Tuesday!) & Mom and Dad and the holidays with all of them. I love anything by or about F. Scott Fitzgerald except for this soon-to-be catastrophe.

I loved the Turner exhibit at  the MET a little while back but really loved the Byron exhibit at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery back in 2003.

And speaking of Scotland; I love Scotland! Love the people, love the accent, love the music. Love the Belle and Sebastian.

Love, Claire