Writing about love.

I’ve been asked to follow Nils’ awesome post that kicked off the “Matador Employees Write About Love” series yesterday. I thought I would start with the above Pitchfork TV clip from Vegas, cuz I fucking LOVED Battle Of The Bands at Matador 21.

OK. Well, love has actually been a big theme for me this year, so this should be easy right? Um.

I tell you, I love a Belle and Sebastian song called “I Love My Car”. It’s originally from the “I’m Waking Up To Us” EP, and you can own it as part of the unimpeachable Push Barman to Open Old Wounds collection.

Oh you know what I really love? I love my dog. The GOOOOOOOSE! I also love a painting of my dog that my friends Shana and Tim commissioned as a wedding gift. I just got it today:

I love Silkworm.

I love my job. Most of the time.

OK, I loved that too.

I love Twitter. I’m at 99 followers RIGHT NOW. Just saying…

I love the internal debate happening to decide whether or not this is the appropriate forum to discuss how much I love my wife. Maybe set the website public now, Pants.

I love the Mannequin Men Hozac singles club single “Hobby Girl”. Both sides. And I love that Dave Martin was able to get me a copy even though I’m not in the club (thanks Dave and Hozac).

I love that I’ve spent an hour on this post and no one can yell at me about it (thanks Nils!).

I love rock ‘n roll. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

I still love this clip (shut up Robby):

I’m all out of love.