Vegas was fun

With most of our hangovers having finally subsided (and though some of us remain changed forever), Pitchfork TV begins their rollout of documentary coverage of Matador at 21 from Vegas.

Special thanks to RJ Bentler and the boys for sticking with this and doing a great job.

Much more to come over the next few weeks, stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Vegas was fun”

  1. I’d just like to point out Gabe’s comments regarding Silkworm’s ‘Developer’ do not necessarily reflect the feelings of the rest of the company’s staff, management or ownership. But since we have enough alumni bands pissed off at us, as is, we’ll not bother to poll the entire office with such a controversial question

  2. wondering why Bettie Serveert or teenage fanclub weren’t invited to play VEGAS? shocking omissions because they were touring with new material this summer.

  3. Developer has loads of good-to-great songs. Gabe, you got that one wrong. You’re absolutely right about Firewater, tho.

  4. Teenage Fanclub were mostly certainly invited. Repeatedly. We couldn’t work it out with them $$$-wise — they were on the east coast at the time of the Vegas shows and flying them in as a one-off proved too expensive.

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