Matador at 21 T Shirts for sale

So you couldn’t make it out to Vegas, huh? Well it’ll be so much easier to lie to your friends and say you were there with when you’re rocking one of these sexy Matador at 21 shirts. American Apparel printed tees, act quick as limited stock remains!!!!

We have FOUR different shirts to choose from… click below to check em out.

8 thoughts on “Matador at 21 T Shirts for sale”

  1. There seem to be some issues with the way these shirts are listed in your store:

    – I cannot add a Men’s Large of any shirt to the cart
    – Attempting to add a Men’s Small adds a Women’s Large shirt to my cart
    – Attempting to check out with a Women’s Large shirt in my cart gives a database error.

    My shirt didn’t make it home with me from Vegas, so I’m really looking to get a replacement black logo shirt in Large. Can you please correct whatever is wrong with the store?

    Thanks in advance

  2. yeah, either these are all sold out or the buttons are broken and/or referencing the wrong items. if it is the latter I’d like a men’s large grey logo since I procrastinated and failed to get one in Vegas. maybe someone could email me.

  3. Hey all,
    So we had a little bug (apparently the apostrophe in “MEN’S” was throwing everything off.
    Fixing now. Should be all good by 11am EST.

  4. Thanks Mike – that was my guess as to the problem, but I was refraining from flying my geek flag. Got in my order for my replacement shirt, and these prices are even cheaper with postage than they were at the show.

    Thanks again for making these available.

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