Staff photos from Matador at 21

Some photos from the people who make it all happen here… click on the photos for full-size images.

This is the full Matador and Beggars staff (minus a casualty or two):

BACK ROW: Amy Morgan (just the hair), Julia Willinger, Jeremy Kirkland, Sonya Kolowrat, Michaella Solar-March, Hector Montes, Adam Carroll, Dan Gallo, Blake Thomas, Paul Redding, Gerard Cosloy, Jeremy P. Goldstein, Dave Martin, Stuart Davie, Claire Taylor, Chris Lombardi.

MIDDLE ROW: Lisa Gottheil, Gabe Spierer, Natalie Judge, Brigitte Green, Patrick Amory, Miwa Okumura, Rusty Clarke, Catherine Herrick

FRONT ROW: Mike Venutolo-Mantovani, Todd Netter, Matt Harmon, Nils Bernstein, Steve Glauber, Adam Bohl

And here are the Matador label people specifically:

RobbyMorris, Natalie Judge, Chris Lombardi (in background – Silver Fox), Nils Bernstein, Martin Mills, Patrick Amory, Gerard Cosloy, Stuart Davie.

(NOT SHOWN: Dean Bein)

All photos by the great Reuben Cox.

4 thoughts on “Staff photos from Matador at 21”

  1. Thank you Gerard, Chris, Patrick, Rusty, and everyone else for the amazing job you did putting on this fantastic event!

    Cheers to another 21 years of success and bringing the best music to the slavering hoardes…

  2. Thanks again for all of your effort in organizing this great event!

    I’m still looking to get a [email protected] shirt as mine didn’t make it home with me. Will the leftovers be available in the store or somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance

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