A fan’s view: Matador at 21 in Fifteen Minutes

… including a wedding. We’ll have tons of our own footage coming up, but this précis is pretty great. Sound of the bands improves markedly about halfway in (I think the person must have switched cameras). Well done, and thanks to humanclock.

Matador at 21 in Fifteen Minutes by fan humanclock:

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  1. Hey, glad you all enjoyed it! Matter of fact I just put all of my Matador at 21 photos/video online a couple hours ago, including longer versions of what you see in the summary video:


    I went down to Las Vegas under the notion that for once I would try and not obsessively document everything and just enjoy the show. I made it two whole days! I switched to my bulky+heavy camera (although I didn’t have my good mics) for the wedding and stayed with that the rest of the weekend.

    The bride and groom had been together for 14 years and decided right then and there it was time to get married. The wedding announcement was just like you see in the video…about 15 of us received a text message during Superchunk’s set that the wedding was going down in 45 minutes. My wife and I ran back to the Rio to get my SLR camera, hopped into a cab and told the driver to step on it…just like in a movie.

    I don’t know if you heard it but around 7:23m in the video, my friend Brian says “We can still catch Spoon!” as the bride and groom are walking out the door.


  2. Good stuff and nice catch of the hilarity of those two random events: beer-throwing guy getting 86’ed and the wind-up fist threat from security to Mitch on his strut back across the stage during Yo La.

    Rock and Roll Motherfathers!

    Matador Explosion!

  3. This is great, and thanks for sharing…but audio/video of the whole event is going to be released….right?? I’d buy it…as folks above have said, it seems like a dream already…

  4. @mrleopold: I’ll second that. Whatever the cost, I’ll be happy to purchase a DVD of the weekend. Truly epic.

    @humanclock: Once again, beautifully done, Craig. I especially like the part of the video that I’m in.

  5. think said “Two weeks out I realize that this was the Woodstock of the Gen X generation. Glad I was there…”

    Damn, you’re right! Glad I was there too. Unbelievable weekend and fantastic memories. Thank you again Matador!

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