Belle and Sebastian’s Write About Love contest is the coolest thing ever.

I’m sorry but there is no arguing this point. Not even from those of you just getting home from Las Vegas.

What makes it so cool, you ask? Maybe the fact that you could have the chance of a lifetime when Belle and Sebastian releases a 7″ next year of a song that was WRITTEN ABOUT YOU!!!!!!

Inside every copy of Belle and Sebastian’s new album Write About Love is a unique code which you will enter here and then write 300 words about love, in any sense of the word. Why you love. Who you love. What you love. Where you love. Anything. Just write about love.

Then Belle and Sebastian will pick a winner (henceforth referred to as “Lucky”) and Stuart Murdoch will fly out to Lucky’s hometown, hang out with Lucky for an afternoon, and write and record a song about Lucky which will then be released on an exclusive Belle and Sebastian 7″ later in 2011.

Yep. Coolest thing ever.

15 thoughts on “Belle and Sebastian’s Write About Love contest is the coolest thing ever.”

  1. Pretend we didn’t smoke a joint. Imagine that we did not find ourselves dancing, two fools, sparkling in Bowie glamour and Elton charm. Our hands motion toward each other; let them meet. Perspiring and rousing body, your turnip colored coated nails tickle my hairy wrist. Arching your body into mine, swaying we find a rhythm for us.

    Motioning to you, I break our stride. Let these minor thoughts subside. I’ll find your keys, I’ll call your phone, I’ll even hold your purse. Step aside with me one moment. Relax your tongue, and dim your eyes. Fireworks swarm my bewitched body…tempered by your ruthless tongue. Oh, step into me now: glistening spheres of beauty, bewitching anchored smile, and lilac breath.

    Together, we’ve cycled weeks, chasing our friends ceremonies, and splashing back the drinks we could muster. We’ve dared and dreamed every occasion, and at last I’m holding you like you’ve wanted me to. You sticky little fruit fly, you found the pie. You busy veggie herbivore, you compassionate swan. Peck away at me.

    You caress me, you caress me, you caress me, and you look into me.
    You pinch and smile. Back toward the deck, we sail toward our open sea. On toward the festive lights, and rattling beat we go. We’ll grow even here, though we can’t make out a word. We’ll find peace here, even if time does go on. Extended hand, blind to word and function, you will find a cheek’s compassion.
    How sweet. How sweet.

  2. Hey Greg,
    You need to purchase the album, grab the unique code and enter it at the website linked above to be entered.
    This is really good though!!
    Good luck

  3. When is the deadline for submissions? My record shop is a couple hours away. Just wanted to see if I have till this weekend. Thanks!

  4. Hey TD,
    We’re working out a deadline now (based on Stuart’s availability in the near future) but it sure won’t be for a little while.
    Safe to say you’ll have at least through the end of 2010.

  5. Two more questions:

    1. Can you only enter the website once using your code – meaning, can I put in my
    code to access the website and not be made to do my entry then and return later
    to do my entry?

    2. Are you only allowed to enter once, or is it as many times as you have codes?

    Not trying to be a bug, just don’t want to waste my chance. =)

  6. I bought the CD the other day at 2nd Hand Tunes in Evanston, IL but I don’t see a code anywhere. What am I missing?

  7. Looking Within
    Love looks within to see what it can give to the desire, yet is wise to indentify the safety of the desire. Wise people step forward carefully with their mind, foolish people step forward quickly with their feet.
    For God, also known as love did make us in his image and in his likeness. He is love. In ourselves, we find this likeness; we do not know how to explain it, yet we give it a name. We call it love. From the beginning of time, humans have been trying to explain and describe their inner feelings. Is it like, approval or love? Is it dislike, detest or hate? We all have likes and dislikes. We show our feeling through expressions and gestures as we did before we learned speech. If we dislike something, we push it away rather than draw it close. These choices go on daily in our lives. Simple example, it is too hot or it is too cold? These are choices made of our likes and dislikes.
    Have you heard, “I like it,” “I like it a whole lot,” “I really, really like it,” “I like it so much I cannot tell you”. And then, I think I miss it, or I’m missing it” and now trying to describe the feelings, “I’m confused.” Is it love or just a feeling of super like? What does it give? What does it cost? Did it give first or take first? After measuring its quality, we discard it or keep it. If we keep it, then it is a desire. If we discard it, we have found no value or it may pose the slightest danger. If it is love now, then what is it later if it is discarded dislike, hate?
    Going from love to hate may look like this, affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, Darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, honey, abhorrence, detestation, odium, [the middle] revulsion, disgust, dislike, animosity, aversion, distaste, loathing, abhor, detest, loathe, dislike, despise then hatred. If it is love, then goes back to hate, where did the measures of the other feelings go?
    We do not recognize that we are making choices of love and hate. Like and dislike are smaller measurements of love and hate. Because choices of like and dislike do not seem important we tend to over look theses small feelings. Yet every choice that we make can grow to become love or hate, or the smallest choice of like or dislike can grow to feel like love or hate, but are strong feelings of like or dislike. Like and dislike grows to the portions of what can be mistaken for love or hate. If love and hate is strongest verbal expressions in our vocabulary. How can one say love, and then say hate? Is there an on/off switch one can be switch to cause an auto reverse of previous said feelings? Something happened to love that caused it to go into protect mode. We do not realize we are love and we are deciding what is safe for us.
    What does love want? Love wants all good things that makes love comfortable and safe, in return gives back equal of the same or more to keep the attracted desire. Love will protect its desires and repel or eliminate the dangers to love. Love makes decisions through feelings controlled by decisions of like or dislike which lead to patterns of emotions. Theses emotions start at birth and build though out our lives. Repetitive inner agreements of likes or dislikes make our displayed emotions. Emotions come into play while making a solid decision of giving or receiving. In control of emotions, love makes a choice to draw near or repel. Likewise, loves desires as well are making a choice to draw near or repel. We are love who has control of all situations, good or bad.
    When we show affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, we are love because love is defined as such. How can one say for example, affection is not love? Affection is a part of the definition of love. If you show affection alone, then you are showing a product of love, therefore you are love because it is you affection comes from.
    A mirror shows us the temple [body] of the human. Is it wise for the outside to be beautified and the inside not? True beauty shines from within. The product of one’s love shows the true self. Go to the mirror, look at the human temple, say to it, I am love, and then go see the products of your love with your eyes, ears, and feelings. Are they all happy?
    What are the products of true love, they are, affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, and honey. Love is the greatest of all appreciations. Definition for love @ []

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