Matador At 21 : Your Last Crack (We Hope) At Tickets

As of this writing, there’s a handful of tickets remaining for this weekend’s festivities at the Palms ; late Friday we determined a portion of seats we’d previously reserved for artists, families and friends could be make available to the public. Now that we’ve pestered those who came up short in the last lottery, there’s still a few left (appox. 30 pairs). These tickets are marked as “preferred seating” and do not include access to the VIP opening party on Friday, or any of the afterparties in the Hardwood Suite — sorry, but we’re at capacity for those events.

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  1. Matador/TicketFly SHOULD allow GA pass holders to upgrade to premium seats. When the tickets first went on sale, there was NO ability to order VIP passes on the order form, but according to TicketFly, there would be the ability to upgrade to VIP later on. I never heard another word, and saw no mention of it on the Matador blog. I just emailed Matador with this question…If/when I hear back, I’ll post what I learn.

  2. VIP seats have been sold out for ages. The “preferred seating” option that was made available on Saturday morning was not the same as VIP tickets. We can’t offer upgrades to VIP tickets are we’re at capacity for the relevant seating/party areas.

  3. unless there’s a rash of cancellations between now and Friday, we can’t offer an upgrade. We’re all sold out of the preferred seats _and_ the VIP tickets.

  4. Super. So premium seats were available at the time I first posted, and while we had this little blog discussion, they all sold out.

    This is how all of this should have gone down…for future reference when you turn 42:

    1. If purchasing VIP tickets was not possible on the TicketFly order form when tickets first went on sale in July (only the ability to “upgrade later”) then the Matador site should never have indicated that purchasing VIP tix at TicketFly was an option.

    2. Since TicketFly’s order form indicated we would be notified if/when VIP upgrades were available, they should have actually done so. That means letting people know either way. Instead, I had to take the initiative to check in with TicketFly (and Matador) on several occasions…only to not get responses.

    3. These last 30 pairs of premium seats should have been made available to GA pass holders as upgrades (even though the VIP party part was no longer available), and Matador’s announcement of those tickets being available should have mentioned this and made it clear how to do so.

  5. 1) purchasing VIP tickets via TicketFly WAS an option back in July. That’s how we sold 400 + of them so quickly.
    2) You’re absolutely right. Admittedly, we’ve not done a great job keeping up with a mountain of correspondence on this subject. As it turned out, we weren’t able to offer such upgrades because we sold the allotment of VIP tickets pretty fast. There were a couple of occasions where we thought we could make more available, but the Hardwood Suite capacity is limited and we didn’t think it would be fair to those who’d already successfully purchased VIP tickets.
    3) “So premium seats were available at the time I first posted, and while we had this little blog discussion, they all sold out.”

    Actually, those preferred seats were available from Saturday morning onwards. We tweeted about it multiple times Friday and Saturday, did a Matablog post yesterday and sent a bulk email to those who lost out on the last lottery on Monday. Our main goal was to make the handful of remaining GA tickets available to persons who’d tried to obtain tickets but had been shut out previously. Should we have reserved the best seats for persons who’d already been lucky enough to purchase? There’s def. an argument for that, however I don’t think fans who tried to buy tickets in July or during the last lottery are any less committed than those who were successful doing so.

    In event, we appreciate the constructive criticism. And some of it’s deserved.

  6. I was very impressed i was able to purchase a premium seat this weekend. I have since sold my GA ticket. That was the route anyone should have gone had they wanted a premium seat. There is huge demand for this event, getting rid of tickets is a non-issue.
    To be honest, I had tons of emails for people willing to buy my GA ticket (which i sold for below cost-I didn’t even charge the service fee).
    And seeing how the premium seating tickets had been available since Saturday, ever one had a very fair chance at them. In fact they were available up until a few hours ago. Those who are complaining should have just bought the extra ticket.

    Very excited for the weekend!

  7. Gerard…I really appreciate your response, but for the record, there absolutely was NO option to purchase VIP tickets when I got through to the order form, literally 30 seconds after they went on sale. Their website clearly indicated that purchasing VIP tickets was not an option yet, but that upgrades would be made available at a later time. Maybe I linked to the wrong part of their website? I don’t know. Anyway, I’m still psyched for the show…I only wish I could be up front. Best, Jeff.

  8. anyone know where exactly the preferred seating is? i may give my friend my GA ticket and i’m wondering about where this section is.

  9. I have 3 general admission tickets available for face value, email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. I am attending and so can meet you in Vegas on Friday afternoon after I pick up the tickets from will call.

  10. Hello, I have 1 general admission ticket available for face value. Please email me at [email protected]. I am also attending the festival with a few friends and can meet you in Vegas any time after Friday morning.

  11. We have one GA seat left, asking what we paid which is somewhere between $200 and $250 Cash only please (have to check receipt, we will show you it so you know we’re not scalping), We arrive Friday afternoon between 2 and 3 and can swap after we get the tickets/wristbands. [email protected]

  12. Have one GA ticket – can’t make it down. Will sell at face value $250 through PayPal. Mariko at Matador tells me I can have the name changed on the tix and purchaser can then pick-up with ID. email if interested:
    [email protected]

  13. I have one VIP ticket available (at face, of course). Better yet, it’s front-row of the center section right behind the GA standing area. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested. And tell me a little about yourself since it’s assigned seating and we’ll be seatmates for three days/nights of awesomeness. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, also: the front row is elevated, so it’s an unobstructed stage view, and I arrive at the Palms 1ish tomorrow.

  15. I also have an extra GA ticket available for someone. Just want face/what I paid for it (cash). email me [email protected]. I arrive in LV in the am so we can meet at the Palms. So excited for this weekend!!!

  16. Please forgive me Jose Jones – I tell you alone my stor-or-ory. I got friends who bought VIP Tickets on TicketFly immediately when they went on Sale, like Paco Picopiedra. La muneca.

    And I type this from 30,000 feet en route to my VIP seats that I bought immediately when they went on sale on TicketFly.

    That’s right Gerard, I got your back and you got the drinks in the Hardwood Suite. πŸ™‚

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