NEW FAQ – Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend

The Mona Lisa of Las Vegas

Below is the new FAQ for Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend, Las Vegas, Oct 1-3, 2010.

(This replaces the old FAQ, which was mostly about how to buy tickets and get rooms.)


1. Where is the Palms?

The Palms Casino Resort main entrance is at 4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, about one mile West of the Strip:

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The Palms consists of three towers – two of them quite close together in the casino, the Palms Tower and the Fantasy Tower. Both the PEARL THEATER and the PALMS BALLROOM are located in this area, along with most of the bars and restaurants.

The third tower is called Palms Place is and linked to the rest of the resort by a long corridor with moving sidewalks. It also has a separate entrance, parking garage and check-in desk. The address is 4831 West Flamingo Road, about one-quarter mile West in the same building.

Refer to following casino diagram as you read the rest of the FAQ:

(Please note that the top of the casino diagram is South. Click on image for larger version)

2. Where do I pick up my wristbands?

Pick up your wristbands at the PALMS BALLROOM (refer to diagram above). This is accessible through the Palms Tower entrance to the resort – the main entrance. Go STRAIGHT AHEAD through the slot machines, bearing right past the island bar, towards the entrance to the Pearl Theater. The two elevators to the ballroom are directly to the RIGHT of the entrance to the Pearl. If there is a line at the elevators, there is a staircase up (one story) to the ballroom, located directly to the LEFT of the entrance to the Pearl. There will be signs posted.

Make sure to have the credit card that you used to pay for your tickets AND a photo ID with you.

Note: People who purchased VIP tickets will get tickets (with their assigned seat numbers) as well as wristbands. People who purchased General Admission (GA) tickets will just get wristbands.

3. If I am staying at the Palms, where do I check into my room?

If you are staying in a Palms Tower or a Fantasy Tower room, you check in at the reception desk directly to the left of the Palms Tower entrance.

If you are staying in a Palms Place room, try to go directly from the airport to the Palms Place entrance. That entrance is at 4831 Flamingo Road, about a quarter mile further west on Flamingo. Cabs know where it is. Palms Place has its own reception desk, pool, restaurants, bars and facilities.

To get to Palms Place from the main part of the casino, walk to the very west end of the casino (i.e. head right after you enter), past the sports bar and the sportsbook, and look for signs for Palms Place. You will need to take an elevator up one floor and then take the moving sidewalks.

4. What is the schedule of bands?

The complete schedule of events is located HERE.

5. Where is the main show and where are my seats?

See map above: the mainstage shows are located at the PEARL THEATER which is situated in the main part of the casino. After you enter, you go DOWN one level (stairs or elevator) to reach the main portion of the Pearl.

If you bought a VIP ticket, you will have an assigned seat in one of the sections closest to the stage. The assigned seat will be on your ticket. Please show it to the usher.

If you bought a GA ticket, you have the choice of standing in the area directly in front of the stage (while capacity allows), or finding seats in the open areas. Both the standing area and the GA seats will be first-come first-served, each night. If you are sitting in the mezzanine or balcony, you may have to go up in the elevator or the stairs.

6. Are there in-and-out privileges for the shows?

Yes. You may leave and re-enter the PEARL THEATER (mainstage) shows at any time. Just show your wristband. Keep in mind that if you have a GA seat, you should have a friend keep it for you. If you were on the floor and it fills up to capacity during your absence, you may not be allowed back immediately, and will have to find a seat until there is room down there again. Or use a stadium pal.

7. Where are the afterparties and matinee shows?

Again, refer to the schedule located HERE. All the live band afterparties and matinees are located in the PALMS BALLROOM, which is where you collected your wristband (see answer to question #2).

The Karaoke Underground party on Saturday night is located at LITTLE BUDDHA, an Asian restaurant and lounge also located in the main part of the casino. It is quite close to the Pearl and the Ballroom. (See map of the casino above.)

The afterparties, the matinees and the karaoke are all first-come-first-served, and once the spaces fill up, we cannot admit anyone over capacity. The capacity of the Ballroom is approximately 600 people. In-and-out privileges will be observed so long as it is not over capacity.

8. What are the food and drink options?

There are bars located all through the PEARL THEATER, and bars will be available at both the PALMS BALLROOM parties and at LITTLE BUDDHA. The resort also has a food court and buffet, as well as multiple restaurants, bars and nightclubs. See the Palms site for more details.

Outside of the Palms there are innumerable food and drink options. Here are a few:

$$$ Piero’s – 1950s old-school red-sauce Italian joint where Vegas politicos hang out. One of the few original Vegas places left. Reservations required, and jackets for men (though this rule may not always be enforced). Be sure to request a table in the room with the bar. 355 Convention Center Drive, (702) 369-2305,

$$$ The Palm Steakhouse Las Vegas – The local branch of the famous steakhouse (absolutely no relation to the Palms Casino) is located at Caesar’s Palace on the Strip. Reservations recommended. 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South (The Strip) in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, (702) 732-7256,

$ Lotus of Siam – One of the best Thai restaurants in the country. Be sure to tell them that you want Thai-level spicy, not dumbed down for Westerners. 953 East Sahara Ave., (702) 735-3033, no website. If it’s full, there are other restaurants in the large courtyard area where it is located, including a quite good Thai alternative.

$ In-N-Out Burger – Some people love it, some people love to hate it. We (mostly) love it, and can’t get it in the Northeast where we Matadorians come from. They’re all over Vegas, but the closest one is 4888 Dean Martin Drive, (800) 786-1000,

$ V Las Vegas Chinatown – Located about a mile north of the hotel is Las Vegas Chinatown, with tons of Asian restaurants, many with vegan options. Centered around Chinatown Plaza, located at 4255 Spring Mountain Road between Arville and Wynn,

V Sunflower Markets – Vegas is not a great town for vegetarians and vegans, but this cheaper alternative to the Wholefoods grocery chain is also located closer to the Palms. 4020 S. Rainbow Blvd., (702) 876-4888,

V Wholefoods – If you prefer to go to an organic grocery you already know, then maybe you want Wholefoods anyway. The closest one is located pretty far south on the Strip, near the turnoff to the freeway to the airport. 6689 Las Vegas Blvd., (702) 589-7711,

9. Can I smoke at the shows?

No. You can smoke on the gaming floors, and in some of the bars, but not in the PEARL THEATER.

10. Is there a swagbag?

Every attendee will receive a Matador at 21 totebag. It will not be filled with tons and tons of goodies, but it does have one very special item in it.

11. What kind of T-shirts, records, CDs and other special items will be on sale?

Two record stores, Zia Records of Las Vegas, and Origami Records of Los Angeles, will be selling in the lobby of the PEARL THEATER all weekend. There will be two designs of Matador at 21 T-shirts, seven limited-edition Matador at 21 posters by different artists, the Matador at 21 charity 6-CD box set and low-priced vinyl double LP compilation, records and T-shirts by all the bands performing, as well as a special curated selection of vinyl of all kinds chosen by the bands who are playing.

12. I bought a VIP wristband. Where can I go?

As per the answer to question #5, you have been assigned seats in the front seated sections. In addition, you have access to the Opening Gala in the two-level Hardwood Suite, from 4-7 PM on Friday afternoon. This is the only hotel suite in the world with a professional indoor basketball court, fully stocked with balls, not to mention a professional locker room, scorepad, pool table and room to dance. Of course there is a full bar as well, a rotating loveseat inside a closed cylinder for ultimate privacy, and many nooks, corners and rooms to escape the sports (if you prefer). The Hardwood Suite will close down during showtimes at the Pearl, and reopen afterward from 1-5 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. (It will not be open Sunday night after the last band has played.) Bands and staff may be hanging here as well. The Hardwood Suite is located in the FANTASY TOWER.

Note: the Hardwood Suite is also first-come-first-served, and once the space fills up, we cannot admit anyone over capacity.

13. I’m staying at the Palms. What are check-in and check-out times?

4 PM check-in, 11 AM check-out.

14. What else is there to do?

Slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, poker, sportsbook, swimming pool, the Drift spa (located at Palms Place) plus four other salons, tons of bars and restaurants onsite, a movie theater on site, Pole Position go-kart racing right around the corner on South Arville St. featuring speeds up to 45 MPH. Then – a quick taxi ride to the Strip, a slightly longer taxi ride to downtown, both worth checking out. Outside the city there are many options, from hardcore automatic weapon firing ranges to serious hiking.

15. I’m from Las Vegas, and your dining and activities suggestions suck.

Please make additional suggestions in the comments thread below. The more the better.

16. Is there an ATM onsite?

Oh yes.

17. Can I take photos and video?

Any non-flash photos are fine. NO VIDEO IS ALLOWED.

18. Will the event be filmed?

Yes, the event will be filmed by multiple parties. By attending the event, you consent to have your likeness used used in a future promotional or commercial release.

19. Can I park onsite?

Free parking is available at both the Palms Tower and Palms Place entrances.

20. How do I get from the airport to the Palms?

There are airport shuttles which charge a fee. One is Bell Trans, which charges $7.50 (subject to change) – call (702) 739-7990 or (800) 274-7433. Taxis are easily available and cost roughly $25 including tip.

21. Are there child-care facilities at the Palms?

The Palms offers a Kids Quest child care center, which charges a fee.

22. Is there wi-fi at the Palms?

Wi-fi is available in all hotel rooms for an additional fee.

23. How do I get updates and find out about any changes or special events? What if I have any problems or questions?

If you have any immediate questions (or suggestions), please make them in the comments thread to this FAQ. Keep in mind that we will not be able to answer these with any degree of promptness after Thursday night!

Beyond that: Follow the @matadorAt21 twitter feed. The Twitter hashtag for the festival is #matador21. Regularly check the website located at, which will be completely revised and updated shortly. You may also email , but please keep in mind that emails can only be answered in the order received.

This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont, Incase, Sailor Jerry and Yowie.

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  1. Hey folks,

    I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding wifi coverage at the Palms. I know that you can get it in your room for about $14/24hrs. Is there an option to have coverage hotel-wide or something like that?

    …I also read that Coffee Bean (in the food court…beside the Pearl) has free wifi.

    Thanks for your help,

    3 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info everyone. $8 budlights is not what I was hoping to hear, but maybe I’ll be flush with cash after hitting the tables at the Gold Coast. Either way, the anticipation for 3 days of rock has become overwhelming…..

  3. if anyone got a pair of the \prefered seating\ tickets just released.. but only want GA so they can hang out with friends with GA.. let me know..i would gladly trade.

  4. “i foresee the gold coast bars getting raided in between sets !”

    Or if you’re staying in the Palms, just buy a cheap case of beer anywhere on the Strip to keep in your hotel room for in between sets. You’ll still be able to walk around the casino with it. Just remember to get enough for your new friends you’re meeting on this board who are staying at different hotels 😉

  5. I lost my credit card after I ordered the tickets and have a replacement card with a different number – will that be sufficient along with an ID to pick up my ticket?

  6. thanks for the Lee’s tip.
    we’ve got half of our room coming in via roadtrip/car so they’ve been designated as our Palms Hotel Guest Room Bar inventory management team….
    Here’s hoping that the room can be accessed swiftly from the Pearl.

  7. What’s the closest liquor store to the Palms, for those of us without cars? I did some searching and the nearest one seems to be two and a half miles away, which is a bit of a hike. Though i suppose i could stop there on the way back from In-N-Out burger, and get the most out of a cab ride.

    Absolutely no work is getting done this week. I’ve got important shit to plan, like where to get cheep booze.

  8. Wahhhh, beers are 8$ and my VIP room is a long way away

    I’m going to get some exercise running from the Pearl to Palms Place to restock!

    I’m looking into a $475.00 bottle of Grey Goose at the pool for Saturday, though. (Think I’ll get any wash for free?) Anybody wanna go halfsies?

    Anybody know if the airlines/tsa frown over an empty flask in carryon luggage?

    I can’t hardly focus at my job…only two more days…

  9. Smokey: is the store in the Gold Coast a true liquor store, do you know? It would be a lot closer than Lees. Although Lee’s is only a short cab ride.


  10. Not that I’m complaining about the lineup, but it’s kind of a bummer Nate won’t be on stage Sunday nite pouring shots of Jack during the GBV set. Actually, maybe he can focus exclusively on that if he’s in town!

    My liver is requesting I get back to work and stop plotting its demise….

  11. I don’t know if tomorrow night’s GBV show in Dallas is a special case, but Doug Gillard is going to be doing a show afterward with free admission if you have a GBV ticket stub.

  12. Here’s how to get cheap drinks in Las Vegas:

    1. Sit down at a bar that features video poker machines. Put a $20 in the machine.

    2. Bet one quarter at a time, nice and slow. Get the bartender’s attention. Order your drink.

    3. Tip for your free drink, push the bet button a couple of more times.

    4. Push the cash out button.

    5. Repeat.

    If you can’t get good and wasted for $8-$10 off whatever the hell you like to drink, you either have a drinking problem, a gambling problem, or both.

    I’ll be providing lessons on this to my traveling companions, so look for a bunch of Matador-t-shirt-wearing, flannel-shirt-tied-around-our-waist, Chuck-Taylor-sporting dudes drinking at the video poker bar. That’ll be … well, that’ll be everybody.

    Can’t wait!

  13. PS to Dorgon’s tips:

    tip VERY generously on the first drink and you (usually) get hugely rewarded. even if you are only getting one drink. you’re bound to see the same bartender or two at the video poker over the weekend. they don’t even care if you’re playing 25 cents at a time. the first tip will do wonders.

  14. I purchased tickets from Zia records and never got a confirmation email. Will my wristband be at will-call?


  15. Stop giving away the video poker trick people! We discussed this in another thread! They’re very hard to come by on weekend nights. And if you do cash out right after getting your drink you’ll get dirty looks and poor service, so at least play for another 5 minutes. However, if it gets you out of your seat quicker for me to take it then walk away right after getting your drink.

  16. Are you freaking kidding me? They are threatening to close the Liberace Museum? No way this happens with the Matador wolf pack in town. We need a plan. This can’t happen. Not in America. I hate to get political, but is there any way Matador can donate some of the proceeds from this show to the political candidates in Vegas running on a pro-Liberace platform?

  17. it’s not really that much of a trick, you can do the same at a cheap slot machine if it gets too busy at video poker (which it would be anyway)…

    anyone know where exactly the recently available preferred seating is? i may give my friend my GA ticket and i’m wondering about where this section is.

  18. One of my GA tickets has become available if anyone here needs one. I’ll eat the extra fees and round it down to the base face of $250. Drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll work details out.

  19. oleus- Yeah, not really a trick, but newbies don’t really know it. And the trick is actually that you get the drink right away at the video poker bar. At all other slots you gotta wait for a waitress. Good for if you want a quick drink immediately (like between bands) without paying $5 or whatever for it. Plus I like video poker so it works out o.k.

  20. yeah plus if you do want to stay a while (i never get the free drink and bail) a nice tip can really improve your second drink and/or the speed you get it. some places have a ton of video poker bar space but i get the feeling the palms is not a behemoth

  21. I have one GA Weekend Pass to sell for face value plus taxes and fees which total $290.25. I’m willing to round it down to $290 if anyone is a stickler for a quarter.

    If you’re interested, please contact me at [email protected].


  22. I have an extra GA ticket that I will sell for face value ($250). Requesting 50% paypal up front, 50% on site in LV. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

    (FYI, I am coming in from SF so if you are here and want to meet face-to-face before hand to confirm, I would be happy to accomodate.)

  23. We have one GA seat left, asking what we paid which is somewhere between $200 and $250 (have to check receipt, we will show you it so you know we’re not scalping), We arrive Friday afternoon between 2 and 3 and can swap after we get the tickets/wristbands. [email protected]

  24. Last-minute question: One member of my group needs to leave town on Sunday morning. Are the wristbands transferable? Another friend will fly into Vegas on Sunday to use the first friend’s wristband for Sunday’s shows, if that is allowed. Is it? THANKS!

  25. Hey Gerard and Patrick,

    In case the nasty wind and rain delays arrivals from the East Coast until later in the evening Vegas time, will we still be able to pick up our tickets/wristbands for Friday entry?


  26. There is a pair of general admission 3 day tickets on ebay for face value that ends tomorrow if anyone is interested. Ebay Item number is 270643002986

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