You Can Be Pavement…just for one day.

Ever wanted to go to a TV taping?  One where Pavement is playing?  Stick around to try and meet the band?  Go backstage?  Watch soundcheck?  Eat their food?  Talk fantasy sports with Malkmus?

Ever wanted to, you know, get your lazy ass off the couch and JOIN PAVEMENT?  Then do it, goofball.  Imagine the Twitter potential!

Pavement are performing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on September 23 – and YOU can play guitar with them on stage!  Just submit a video of you playing a Pavement song on guitar (apologies to bass players and drummers everywhere), the band will whittle it down, and then, as with all good things, the public decides.  Details here:

Kudos to Fallon and Pavement for rolling with this crazy scheme!

10 thoughts on “You Can Be Pavement…just for one day.”

  1. Sweet. I hate Fallon, but anytime Pavement is on TV is perfect.

    Can’t wait to see them at Matador at 21!

  2. We’re all Nastanoviches, Abe…even without drumsticks. Re: the ‘other guy’ in the shot above, I can only assume it’s Gary, even though it doesn’t look like him…

  3. I some interview, Malkmus talked about a former “band-mate” (my word) who quit or was fired(?). Anyway, Malkmus joked that he didn’t want to mention his name cuz the guy wanst to kill him. Might have been in a Tape OP magazine interview. What if it’s that guy? ptgp

  4. Damn, I’ve been working on Baptist Blacktick for months! (Which is a testament to how inept I really am.)

  5. Really cool contest. I’m from Toronto, Canada and am going to be in NYC to see Pavement all 5 nights they’re there. When I heard about this contest I nearly pee’d (then I found out it isn’t open to me). My band is called Stolen Rims and, though we’re not a cover band, Pavement is one of our favorite things to play (we do wicked covers of Texas Never Whispers (all of Watery Domestic actually), Grave Achitecture, Home, Here, Baby Yeah, Conduit for Sale (well, we’re trying), Summer Babe (the first Pavement song I ever heard back in 1991…sigh), and a bunch more over the years…hmmm this certainly makes us sound like a cover band, but I promise we play them our own way and write our own stuff). Malkmus is for sure my guitar hero and playing that spot is gonna be one sweet prize for some lucky winner. Good luck to that person!! Bring your distortion and kick some ass!! Maybe we’ll jam at the Palms (hahaha!!) Peace!

  6. Wow. I got to talk baseball with Stephen backstage in Berkeley for a while. He was right about Trevor Cahill. We were both a little wrong (but at the time right) about Gio Gonzalez.

  7. Anyone know if the band got to see all of the entries? I sent one in, knowing that living in Toronto made me ineligible… Still, I’d love the boys to see my shit. No one else played Stop Breathing. Also, there was an essential element of artfulness missing from the actual guitar playing, and in the gestures and expressions of the most of the guitar players… These songs gotta come through you, you know?

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