Interpol – They’ll Be Seeing You In The Parking Lot

Next Tuesday, September 7 Interpol will be playing an exclusive event in the parking lot of Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.) to kick off the release of their new self-titled album which drops that day.

Pre-order now or buy the album on 9/7 at any of the stores listed below* to receive a guaranteed-entry wristband to the event while supplies last.

*If you preorder the album online via the Matador Store, simply put “LA OUTSTORE” in the comments section to receive guaranteed entry while supplies last. Our guaranteed entry list is now full.

8 thoughts on “Interpol – They’ll Be Seeing You In The Parking Lot”

  1. Is the promo already gone? I’ve just tried entering it at the Matador Store and it’s giving me an error.

  2. I pre-ordered. While in the ordering process, there is no clearly marked “comments” section. I put “LA OUTSTORE” in the “Special Instructions” section after entering my credit card. Will that do the trick or are there more specific instructions on how to ensure I will get my wristband for the show 9/7?
    thank you

  3. If you’ve already ordered from the Matador Store then you will be receiving an email with instructions shortly. Otherwise, our list is full and the offer has closed.

    Ruth. That’s exactly it. You’re good. You will receive email instructions shortly.

    Corey. You’re good. You will receive email instructions shortly.

    RB. Email me directly and we’ll get you figure out. [email protected]

  4. I was there & quite close to the stage. It was a phenomenal show. The sound was perfect: the guitars were gorgeous, Paul Banks’ vox were so rich, & the drums & bass were thumping (in a good way). I was seriously blown away- best live show I’ve seen yet- by any band.

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