19 thoughts on “Interpol – “Barricade” video”

  1. Hey, we can’t see it from Brazil! Vevo not allows to brazilians to see the video… =(
    “We’re sorry, VEVO is not currently available in your country
    Please Stay Tuned.”

  2. this really defeats the purpose of using the internet to publish stuff.

    and people in the music industry wonder why people download music on pirate bay. hurr durr.

  3. WOW. I have never seen Paul look this good. Ready for new Interpol. Really love
    this song and lights, I am glad to see them back on Matador

  4. Oh, cut this “rights” crap already. Tomorrow it will be on YouTube and no one will actually DIE because of it.

  5. Hey guys having problems viewing, use the modify headers add-on for firefox. Then it works.

    just put in

    Name: X-Forwarded-For

  6. How Paul, Sam and Daniel eclipsed Carlos’ douchiness with their own still boggles my mind, but they’ve certainly done it. Such a fucking shame. This song is terrible. The album is terrible. This video is terrible. The album cover is even terrible. I hope they recover from the onslaught of bad reviews and loss of interest they’re about to face. TOTBL and OLTA were both so terrific. Antics even had its charms. This is just posturing. I’ve really, honestly tried to like this record. Repeatedly. Each listen just tarnishes ’em even more.

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