Thank You Memphis

Tonight’s Magic Kids show at the Levitt Bandshell was really really special. Thank you to the hundreds of people that came out, the Memphis Youth Symphony who helped realize the ambition of the band’s arrangements, Goner Records for selling (and selling out of) the album, and of course Magic Kids. The city of Memphis is truly a strange and wonderful place and I can’t think of a more strange and wonderful tribute than tonight. Really bowled over.

Also really excited about the response people have been having to the record. Reviews are trickling in little by little but so far so good. Prefix assigned it one of the top 3 scores they’ve given any record so far this year. Thank you. A few nice selections below….

PREFIX– “A truly ineffable pop album. The Magic Kids are going at your heart with every melodic tool in their arsenal — shouts and synths, strings and sugary production — all in an effort to make your summer (or fall, or winter, or old age) that much better.”

Washington Post– “more than a simple exercise in retro charm … a fully realized and immaculately executed pop vision.”

One Thirty BPM– “Memphis is a little record that sounds massive ….Memphis is a truly lovely album, one that can transport even the most cynical of grizzled old folks back to the glory days of their youth, and a very promising start to a band’s career.”

Lincoln Journal Star– “”Magic Kids have created some magical, gorgeous classic pop here, one of the most pleasant and engaging surprises I’ve heard in months.”

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  1. Magic Kids and the Youth Symphony came together to create a very pleasant musical night. The music Magic Kids has created is a lot of fun and energizing. It is hard to keep still while they are entertaining. This music makes you want to tap your toe, clap your hands or just get up and dance.

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