Announcing Glasser “Ring” out Sept 28

Great news today, after over a year of hard work, envisioning, recording, and arranging her debut album, we are honored to announce Glasser‘s Ring will be released September 28, 2010 on True Panther Sounds. Sonically, lyrically and conceptually Ring is a tremendous leap for Glasser and honestly, a brave new world for us as a label. Just EPIC.

Pre-order the album and get an instant mp3 download of album-track “Home” available exclusively here. Hear a little snippet of the track below.

Glasser is the one-woman orchestra of Cameron Mesirow. Her debut album, Ring, is a singular work. It moves like the wake of a small boat in a still lake: each song its own, but leading to, and becoming, the next. In doing so it builds on the tradition of classic albums like Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, Joni Mitchell’s Blue, and R. Kelly’s Trapped In the Closet song-cycle: albums that as a whole create stories that are bigger than the sum of their individual songs.

Glasser entered our world in 2009 with her debut EP, Apply. Her intimate, luxurious music struck us as MASSIVE, despite being made by Cameron, alone and in airplanes and shoe stores, on Garage Band. It also drew the attention of Ariel Rechshaid (Cass Mccombs, Foreign Born, We Are Scientists) and Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid (Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead) who worked together with Cameron to re-imagine her musical arrangements, incorporating organic instrumentation like strings, woodwinds, bass, and a wide array of percussion into her once-sparse recordings. Her simple, minimal melodies and rapturous vocals are perfectly complimented by the album’s maximalist arrangements. The voice becomes a focal instrument, delivers abstract stories and sounds that drench the music in emotion without resorting to narrative clichés. It is a wonderful and fully realized accomplishment, an introduction and immersion in Glasser’s world that we’re sure people will want to be a part of for a long time to come.

Pre-order the CD version and receive it in a limited edition fold-out gift box designed by Tauba Auerbach. (ltd to 500)
Pre-order the LP version and get one of the 500 numbered clear-vinyl copies. (ltd to 500)