Elvis @ 21?

Well, as far as rumours for the Lost Weekend go that might be a little far fetched, but Savage Pencil took the opportunity to imagine how Thurston Moore might enjoy the Matador birthday celebrations in Vegas a little too much later this year.

You can see the comic strip for yourself in the latest edition of The Wire magazine and you can find more of Edwin Pouncey’s excellent Savage Pencil work here.

One thought on “Elvis @ 21?”


    Hey you GBV people: Now that their tour is announced, I KNOW that some individual in someone’s party is gonna bail on the Vegas show due to the expense!!

    I’m looking for 3 tickets, but am of course taking a one-at-a-time approach. Me and my friends primarily want to see COME, which is the only big band of the weekend that is not touring (Boston and Las Vegas – that’s it)! Like the other folks posting here, we’ll hook you up (dinner, drinks… we’ll discuss). Please email: jet_en_mer[at]yahoo[dot]com or call/text

    btw, the other Come show is Sept 26 at TT’s in Cambridge…

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