Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – Link For Ticketfly Sales (Starting Friday at 9am Pacific)

Tickets on sale Friday, July 9 at 9am pacific time, 12 noon eastern time.

(ADDENDUM For those that were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the action.  THE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

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  1. Dear Daniel,

    Matador is making LeBron James wait for tickets. Why can’t you?



  2. @Daniel

    I have to agree with you here. As much as I hate ticketmaster/livenation at least they have their shit together. Ticketfly came off as unprofessional and amateur and I voiced my opinion to them directly. I have wasted the day sitting around in the off chance that more tickets get released, and even then I do know I’m not guaranteed tickets for myself and my two friends. Where does the sense of intimacy end and elitism begin? It’s a fine line, and I understand the notion of wanting to keep it low-key. But it does suck for all of us who have been following this since day one devotedly, and just had the wrong side of the coin.

  3. Lebron,

    So happy to hear you’re going to South Florida. Now I have a reason to go see the Heat-and Booooooooo!

    As a Raptor fan, and I will have to get used to the notion of you kicking are asses worse no that you have our former Prince Bosh with you.

    Don’t drop the ball. Better win a title or two.

  4. Hello Jim Pollard (if that is your REAL name),

    Does Bob still do those awkward leg kicks still in his old age? Or does he need them to collect his disability checks?

    As for the game to 11, sure, why not. Just know that Wade and Bosh are gonna cover for me while I get a mani-pedi.


  5. OS and all,

    I would love to see them auction off the remaining tickets. It would be a fair and just way for all involved. And I’ll pay plenty 🙂

  6. Okay one of the giddy lucky ones is going to realize that they overbought or the “one” isn’t, or their best bud can’t come up with the coin. Call me. Message me. Still beggin….

    [email protected]

  7. Hey Daniel,

    Wait a minute, Boshy was a member of the Rapture? Did he slap bass or something freaky-deaky like that?!. DAMN!!! He better hook the KING up with some CDs or there’s gonna be a Miami BEAT down.



  8. Trying to look on the bright side: my client MC SERCH is Vegas-bound, to perpetrate his label-boss-impersonating scam. So he’s giving me his final-weekend Mets tickets, and I’ll get to watch the Natinals wrap up the NL East.

  9. I am surprised there are still tix left at Zia. I was there this morning to purchase my tickets and there was enough people there to buy all of them up. No lottery needed because there were exactly 25 people in line. I will say, though, that unlike those able to attempt to get tickets online (in the comfort of there house or job), I had to take the day off from work to ensure I could be there to get these at the physical location. So, although they are not completely sold out, I am positive by this evening they will be gone. Many Las Vegans have read all the local press (and there has been alot) and were probably disuaded by all of the comments to even attempt to get these tickets. I thank you Matador for putting this event on here and giving us locals an additional boost to make it easier for us to get into the event.

  10. I’m doing my best here to Feel Not Crushed but I am unbelievably bummed. The extra tickets being released are a glimmer of hope but realisticly, it’s looking bleak.

  11. I will say this:, there will be a scalper culture at the Palms Hotel on Friday October 1.

  12. Once again – I unintentionally bought an extra ticket. I’m willing to give it up for cost. But only through Matador or Ticketfly, because I don’t want to suffer any consequences for scalping. I don’t want any profit, just to not have to pay for an unused ticket. I know I’m not the only one.
    So rather than trying to contact me, please help press the issue about having an officially approved method of selling my unused ticket, along with anyone else in my situation. I’m not starting an auction, just looking for a sanctioned solution.
    I’ve got my emails in to the customer services, haven’t heard anything yet, but if you really want this ticket then help me find a legal way to sell it to you for the un-scalped cost of $225 plus the service charge that I paid for it.
    And no, you can’t share my hotel room.

    PS – Just got an email from Ticketfly – no refunds. So barring any help from Matador, my extra ticket goes to waste?

  13. Maybe I’ll bring an outrageously flamboyant and drugged up drag queen as my date….

  14. “Am I just naive? How on earth are these even scalpable? They are all will-call photo id required passes, right?”

    You’re being naive. As I understand it from a friend who managed to get through, bought four tickets and is letting me buy one of them, the only one who has to show an ID at will call is the purchaser. Said purchaser is then free to do whatever he/she wants with the tickets. I would not be at all surprised to see ads for tickets pop up closer to the concert dates on Craigslist in Vegas as well as LA, SF and possibly NYC; the buyers would simply have to be there with the seller when they get the tickets at will call, at least assuming the “ticket” is actually a wristband you have to put on immediately. I do not in any way endorse scalping, but I’ve resold tickets for face value several times in the past, most recently for LCD Soundsystem after breaking my knee a couple of weeks earlier, and I hope some of you who failed to get tickets for the show are able to find similar good samaritans!

    “Any chance that the non hotel package tix can be bumped up to a hotel package? I tried to get a hotel package, but was lucky enough to get tix without a room.”

    You can book a Priceline hotel room at the cheapest rates available by using the bidding tips at; five-stars nicer than the Palms can usually be had for under $99/night, even on weekends. Anywhere on the Strip is fairly close to the Palms, though Caesars Palace and the Bellagio are closest. If you bid on a four-star in the West of Strip zone, you’ll either get the Palms itself (unlikely given how many rooms concertgoers have already booked) or the Rio, which is not as nice but directly cater-corner across the street.

    “FAIL :: slept through alarm (night shifter)! It’s not the end of the world, I can say, living in a well-served concert town. Just saw SPOON in a little tv studio, will see SHEARWATER there soon, YO LA TENGO played a smallish place in February, PAVEMENT’s here the week before Vegas, (hell, BETTIE SERVEERT’s coming in October), even Pollard’s Boston Spaceships did some GBV back in ‘08. The reunions (COME, CHAVEZ), I can only hope they turn into more than one-offs. Don’t get me wrong though: I’m jealous as hell.”

    Hello there, fellow Austinite! I was at ACL for the Spoon taping last night, too. And yeah, I’d be jealous if I didn’t get a Matador ticket, too, but c’mon: aside from everything you mentioned we get ACL *and* SXSW every year. Think of it this way: that $500 you would’ve spent on the Vegas trip can instead be applied towards buying a badge for SXSW Music.

    “They held back 25% of the tickets”

    Considering the number of bands playing (who will likely want to see other bands playing when they’re not – counting all band members, that’s probably 100+ VIP tickets right there), plus current and former Matador employees, various VIPs and, of course, journalists, I don’t think 25% is unreasonable.

    “they hired a company who had a major technical error which resulted in many people not being able to buy tickets who were signed on right at 9 am pacific.”

    It wasn’t a “major” error; Gerard already said it only affected nine sales, and all of those tickets will be sold again shortly. In any event, if there were actually 20,000 people online simultaneously trying to buy tickets, then 95% were going to be disappointed regardless.

  15. “Once again – I unintentionally bought an extra ticket. I’m willing to give it up for cost. But only through Matador or Ticketfly, because I don’t want to suffer any consequences for scalping. I don’t want any profit, just to not have to pay for an unused ticket.”

    Reselling tickets is not illegal or even unethical, nor would I imagine that Matador would even mind, if you sold your second ticket at face value to another true fan, and you have a couple dozen fans above who’ve posted their e-mails and even digits desperate for tickets.

  16. There was a pretty draconian warning about scalping around here somewhere – threatening that the ticket(s?) would be invalidated!

  17. It kind of sucks spending the whole day sitting around for more tickets to be posted when your chances of getting those tickets are worse than at 9 AM.

  18. I’s still like to know why the layaway plan required the purchase of a minimum of 2 tickets+room? I only needed 1 ticket and the room (it sucks not having friends that like the same music). Knowing this in advance would have been a huge help as I could have used a different card to buy the $500 package instead. I even managed to have layaway tickets in the cart but ended up passing on them because I couldn’t justify wasting 1 ticket.

  19. I’d like to throw my hat in if anyone has a ticket they would like to get rid of. I would dearly love to go. my e-mail is [email protected] if anyone has one. I’ll bring you some authentic Montreal smoked meat! Thanks!

  20. Jeff, holding back 25% of a 2100 seat venue when you know the demand is going be more than what you have is greedy. Period. And if this is not a \matador staff/band\ reunion, as Matador has stated, then there is no reason to do so. This should be for the fans, period. Enough of this elitist bullshit.

    I also don’t believe 20,000 fans tried to buy tickets for this event. No way. Not with the cost of travel, accomodations, food, etc.. Not in this economy. I live in Canda, where our economy is a lot healthier than in the U.S., and concert sales are doing horribly this year. If this event was held in a 5000 to 7500 seat arena, there would be no discussion of this going here.

  21. I feel like I f**ed up but, the site was confusing. I thought there was only going to be the early bird discount tickets available. I clicked on at 11:00am Central time (9am/Pacific…on time) and was waiting on the ticketfly website before the selling time. There was all the early bird, then the $225 ones, then the VIPS. Then there was choices of but 1, 2, 3 or 4 with scroll numbers on them; which was confusing…do I try to purchase 1 or is it 2….Should I have went to the $225 one automatically b/c many peeps would try to go to the early bird ones. I would be fair to sell the Early Bird tix …EARLIER than the others (a certain amount of tix). Then put a the rest to sale on a later time and date. I was on at 11am…took me 5 min to figure this shiat out (I AM NOT A 1st ONLINE TIX BUYER) then it WAS A LOST CASUSE after that…I so sad 🙁

  22. I’ll be staying at a smaller hotel near The Palms. Anyone have any tips on the cheapest way to get from the airport to the hotel? Is it better to just rent a car?

  23. If someone wanted to sell their ticket, how would they go about doing that? I have a ticket, and need an alternator for my car. sad. Would like to sell one GA + hotel for 3 nights.

  24. Thanks to Gerard and everyone at Matador for giving this party a chance, even if I didn’t get a ticket. Matador always tries to do the cool thing and of course this was going to make some folks very happy and some folks very upset. I’ll be waiting for a )hopefully larger) 25th party in 2014! Matador is still the coolest label out there.

  25. Just take a taxi – there’s a shuttle to the strip from the Rio (right down the street from the Palms), and taxis for 3 days will be less than renting a car for 3 days.

  26. Daniel, I’m sorry you don’t believe the people who run Matador or have worked for the label for centuries qualify as fans, but as most of ’em are actually working on this event, they’re gonna have to be there. There’s also no way we could contract our bands to play such that weekend without providing each of them with a very limited number of passes — that’s 25 bands (and keep in mind, there are 73 people in Belle & Sebastian).

    That 25% figure might end up being smaller after everything shakes out and we’ve pledged to do everything in our power to make as many tickets available to the public as possible. But that doesn’t take away from the fact no matter what we do, demand will outstrip supply. You think the 20,000 figure is inflated. Fine. But even if we’d sold 5000 tickets today, some folks were going to be very disappointed. And I’d argue those numbers would ultimately include persons traveling to and attending the shows. We didn’t want to see a show in 7500 seat arena, we didn’t want to put one on and we didn’t want to ask others to attend one. You can dub that “elitist bullshit” but there’s nothing elitist about wanting one of our newer or lesser known bands to receive a thoughtful, attentive response rather than play to a half empty hockey arena at 7pm.

    I’m sure the concert business is in the middle of a rough patch, much as I’m sure these concerts are anything but a bargain for many people. But there was clearly a huge demand for these tickets. We take no pleasure in disappointing ten people let alone a thousand, but the primary goal was to make certain these were fun, exciting events for the ticket buyers — not to maximize our bottom line.

    I guess we’re just going to have to disagree on this one — I don’t consider a show in a venue the size of the Pearl to be a private or industry party. I don’t think I’ve ever attended or heard of an industry event where this much effort went into selling tickets to the public. The number of non-connected types who’ve testified in this very space today should hopefully prove that we really did put tickets on sale.


  27. Renata: I do not have an extra ticket to sell.

    Daniel: I live in Austin, a city of about a million. Phoenix (as in the band) played a show recently, at a venue similarly sized to The Pearl, that sold out in eight minutes. I can easily believe 20,000 unique users besieged the TicketFly site at 9am PST and that Matador 21 sold out almost instantly, even given the economy, given the completely unique lineup and circumstances — even attracting bands like Spoon that departed the label under seriously bad terms over a decade ago. I would also imagine a large chunk of the fans are driving in (L.A., San Diego, SF, Salt Lake and Phoenix are all relatively easy driving distance), thus saving plane fare as well. And from what I’ve seen on some of the blogs, a number of people were planning on flying in FROM OTHER COUNTRIES for the event (and I think someone here said they were wanting to come from Brazil).

    As for holding back tickets, it is done at every music festival I am aware of. While you have a point about it not being a Matador “reunion,” and I doubt *that* many employees are attending (it’s not exactly a massive label), Matador is still going to be fielding press passes from every major music critic in the country, not to mention Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan and all the bloggers, and that subsequent coverage helps support each and every one of those bands. I also think it’s perfectly fair for the bands to get free VIP tickets, considering nearly all of them are playing for an undoubted fraction of their regular performance fees (a Pavement ticket alone would normally be $50 with fees).

    In any event, even if Matador did have a couple hundred extra tickets, tens of thousands would have remained empty-handed.

  28. Gerard: please don’t let one naysayer piss you off. 99% of us on here have seen how hard you’ve worked to make this an event predominantly for the fans, and we very much appreciate it. You are totally correct that it wouldn’t have been the same if you’d held the event in an arena-sized venue.

    Bill: there are several shuttles that will take you to/from your hotel. The other option is renting a car on Priceline, which you can do for about $12/day, if you plan on visiting other casinos or doing any sightseeing (I recommend Hoover Dam in particular if so). If you’ll be mainlining music like many attending, just take a shuttle and cab it around when necessary. Taxis are ubiquitous at every large Vegas hotel, and there’s usually a queue for them.

  29. canadians are apparently really good at complaining and they know a lot about the concert industry

  30. Thanks for your response Gerard. My elitist comment was a bit over the top (sorry, I’m frustrated). But I feel an event of this magnitude should have been a bit easier for fans to get tickets for. Having only around 1500 seats for sale for a show of this magnitude, in my opinion, is doing a diservice to your great fanbase. I buy many of your cds, vinyl, and support so many of your bands. I have always been, and always will be a support of your fine company. It’s a shame so many of us are left out in the cold on this.

    As to not wanting the smaller bands to play in empty arenas, I understand, but I think the fans should come first. I was at the Flaming Lips show in Toronto last night, and Fang Island was the first of 3 openers. They did not play to many people, and the Ampatheter was and looked sparse. But I’m sure Fang Island was glad to be given the oppurtunity to play in front of more fans then they may have attracted at a small bar venue.

    As it is, I will find a way into the show, either by getting a ticket from a new batch, or by buying from a scalper on site (which we all know will be happening). I will not miss this awesome display of talent you have put on for us.

    I vent, and will continue to vent. I do appreciate hearing from you, and hope we will hear about the extra tickets very soon.

  31. Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

    We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 10) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly. There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($225 per ticket plus a $99 per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($399 each plus a $99 room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($250.00, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

    We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly. At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


  32. for anyone doubting the pearl as a cool place to see a show, this is from a pretty reliable vegas review site,

    The Pearl Theater: This is a nice room to see a live performance. The farthest you’ll sit from the stage is 120 feet, and you know what that means: you can buy the cheapest seats they offer and not get stuck behind a pylon.

  33. Gerard,

    This is great news, but the quantity can’t be limited to 1, to accomodate as many people as possible? Inevitably someone is going to by more than they need “just in case” if everyone has to get there own it’s seem like a fairer system and there would be less of a chance of someone getting too many while others get none. Either that or allow anyone with extras to sell them back only to you, and you can redistribute them, so EVERY ticketholder has to show up with their ID to claim a ticket, that would eliminate all resells and maybe cause anyone not seriously about going to think twice about taking a ticket that would otherwise go to someone desperate to go. Just my two cents while a dance a jigg about the possibility of salvaging this trip. Gracias.

  34. if i panicked and only bought 1 a la carte today, can i still try for the room/ticket package tomorrow, or are today’s buyers not allowed? thanks.

  35. B, that’s a ridiculous proposal. It seems from this like most of the people who got screwed out by the overbuyers were people attempting to buy sets of 4, because it seemed that most people reported buying 16 tickets instead of 4.

    The only fair way to do it is to release the tickets just as they were originally alotted, and I would hope that this is how it will be done. If 10 people accidentally bought 16 instead of 4, then 30 sets of four should be released. If 5 people bought 2 sets of 2 instead of 1 set of 2, then only 5 sets of 2 should be released, and so on and so forth.

    People are coming from all over the country, and perhaps beyond that, to see this show—not everyone is willing to do that to spend 3 days staying by themselves and not knowing anyone at the show.

  36. Can someone please change Daniel’s didie? Sure sounds like it’s full. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  37. For anyone having an misgivings about attending solo, let me offer you this cautionary tale:

    Several years ago when Radiohead and The Pixies were headlining Coachella, I bought tickets for myself and my then girlfriend as well as plane tickets and hotel rooms. A week before the show, she broke up with me and declined to attend the show anyway. Instead of just going and having an awesome time by my lonesome, I sold the tickets on line to make up for the wasted plane ticket and rooms. I have regretted it ever since.

    If you’re not a total weirdo, you can chat people up at the even, have drinks at the bar, etc. Trust me when I tell you that if you have a chance to go, even if you can only get one ticket, you should take it or you’ll regret it for a long, long time.

  38. Googie, I know something was wrong. No I’m changed and much chipper.

    Seriously, nothing I’ve said here is in screaming anger. It’s disappointment. Period.

    As I’ve said, I’ll be going to this show, by hook or crook.

  39. I was surprised to find out that the Zia tickets were still on sale. I talked to a few friends and the general statement was either “I couldn’t get the day off of work to go up there at 10,” “I thought they were already gone so I didn’t try,” and the majority of them were just upset over the whole way they felt things were handled from the beginning and decided to skip it all together. I know a bunch of people were going up after work so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are gone now.

    There’s also this, I don’t know if it’s like this in other states, but this weird culture of waiting until the very last minute to buy tickets for shows out here. I”m not really sure why that is, but I heard that it makes some bands nervous. Tickets will move slowly and then sell out day of. Obviously people who were waiting on this one missed out (and will be shortly).

    Anyway, I’m glad I was able to score a pair of tickets and thanks again Gerard for going through all this trouble of answering every question, making changes, and putting on this event.

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