Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – Link For Ticketfly Sales (Starting Friday at 9am Pacific)

Tickets on sale Friday, July 9 at 9am pacific time, 12 noon eastern time.

(ADDENDUM For those that were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the action.  THE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

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  1. @ JEFF: You’ve ooted me as an “Austinite.” Don’t want us to become hated gloaters (Gloat? I didn’t even get a ticket!), but yeah, living here it’s hard to complain about access to bands. If Sonic Youth does an ACL fest after-show, I’ll have assembled most of my pieces anyway. I attended all three nights of the CASUAL VICTIM PILE showcases in February, where the closest thing to a snafu was a Beerland-historic-first two minute wait for one-out one-in. SXSW badge-less free shows nowadays for me, it’s a local quality of life elevator.

    As is seeing bands like SPOON in the improbably intimate (< 300 capacity) KUT studio, where the PBS tv concert program "Austin City Limits" is taped live. Getting in if you're not a major donor to the station? It's a LOTTERY.



  2. ooh another try tomorrow yipee!
    mike gargiulo if you can’t find a way to sell the ticket back, why don’t you take me? I’ll pay you for the ticket but it won’t be scalped because we can walk into the first show together. yeah?

    Well anyhoo…I’ll be trying online again tomorrow. cheers.

  3. Steve, when the original tickets went on sale, and there were no more options than 4 VIP Tickets with Room, I was willing to buy that in order to get something, although I only needed 1, anyone that goes to this will be attending with 2000 others, so they we will be far from alone. But my point is that if each person is responsible for their own ticket then there is NO chance of someone not committed to going to get extra tickets, as soon as 1 ticket plus room sells out, anyone needing only 1 is going to try for anything and the vicious cycle continues, if you make it one ticket per person, that gives many more folks a chance, this is going to be luck anyway so if two people that want to go together get lucky so be it, but give as many people a shot as possible. But my second suggestion, and more realistic one can possibly solve this issue as well, just allow anyone with extras to give them back to Matador to be redistributed. No one wants to say it, but they made this too good of a deal, too many great bands, too moderately priced, and too accesible, everyone wants to go, and everyone can afford it, so demand is too high. Damn Indie Music Socialist.

  4. Is there anyway Daniel could be banned from this event, maybe by citing a Douche Bag clause?

  5. Bryant. Douche Bag? Please.
    You don’t know me. Seriously, you don’t have a clue.
    You’d meet me, love me, and never know I spoke my opinion.
    This concert is a dream for people like me. It’s heartbreaking how many fans who want to see this cannot. That is why I cried for a larger venue. It’s about the music and the fans. Period.

  6. daniel,

    I sincerely hope you’re able to score some tickets tomorrow, but the people organizing the event are well aware that “it’s about the music and the fans” which is precisely why they wanted to make it an intimate 3 day party for the Matador Family and some lucky fans. A larger venue in this town would have ended up with a very impersonal, sterile feel and would not accomplish what they wanted to with this weekend. Those of us who managed to get tickets against the odds should feel very lucky, but those of you who did not certainly shouldn’t take it personally or whinge on and on about how unfair it all is. I was prepared to be bummed but not destroyed if I had ended up without tickets today, but if I had walked away empty handed I can promise you I never would have kept telling the organizers that its their fault that I personally couldn’t attend and that they should have done things another way. You got dealt a shitty hand, but enough with the Spartacus routine, yeah? It’s not a cosmic injustice that you and a lot of other people didn’t get to go, I was one of the biggest initial bellyachers when the details were announced and I got lucky, so let’s not pretend there was any favoritism shown or that any of the other attendees are some how better than those who don’t get to go, we were just luckier in this one instance. Maybe tomorrow you’ll win the lottery.

  7. Yes Jesse, you are right. I’m pissed. I vented poorly. I’ll admit to all of that.
    I hope to win the lottery tomorrow, and if I don’t, I will live.
    All I’m trying to say, that if it was at a slightly larger venue (5000 seater) it would have accommodated more fans, and i still believe it could have been intimate and it is a 3 day show, so there will be a lot of familiarity involved. I wish this wasn’t about the lucky few, because there are so many who are dissapointed.

    But I do apologize. It’s tough to get kicked down a notch when you had such high expectations. I apologize to Matador. Sorry from Vancouver 🙂

  8. the speed of the sellout and the level of disappointment just shows how great these bands are and how the fans of these bands understand the rarity and potential mind-bending involved with this opportunity. if i hadn’t been on the T1 internet connection at work i don’t think i would have had a chance to get a ticket and i am still in disbelief that i have one. i’m booked at the rio (short walk to Palms from there), timetable is going to be tight for me getting in and out of town so i haven’t even been able to look at flights yet but prices stand to get better on flights next month and a half before going back up to where they’re at now.

  9. A lof of wanted to buy the hotel package, but had to buy the tickets alone since the hotel was sold-out. I would have waited if I’d known there’d be another sale tomorrow. Will there be an option to upgrade to the package, if we already have tickets?

  10. Karen,

    We’re not going to be able to upgrade existing ala carte ticket holders to hotel packages ; there aren’t many rooms left and we don’t anticipate they’ll last long tomorrow am.

  11. i belong to a GBV cover band in Phx called The Secret Fox. and while i found it impossible to get 4 tickets and a hotel room today, i am inclined to believe that the hands of fate will save the many thousands who would otherwise perish in the end times resulting from the non-attendance of said GBV cover band. i don’t want the world to end, do you?

  12. i’ve got 2 weekend tickets but no hotel room. does anyone have 2 SPARE BEDS in their room at the palms for 2 nice british men? we’ll spilt costs and buy you booze!

    [email protected]

  13. Martin –
    Not to make light of your situation, but yours is the last post I read, and directly below “nice british men” is the captcha “tory market”. I had to laugh.

  14. Well, shut out again, so is life, If anyone that scored a VIP/HOTEL package is willing to sell me one of their VIP tickets, I’ll pay for the ticket and cost of their room, your not scalping, you’re just meeting a new friend that shows their appreciation by comping your room, it’s a desperate move but that’s where we are now. Standing offer for the next 24 hours, after that I probably need to move on. Will pay the $700 immediately.

    [email protected]


  15. Gerard, is there any chance that the Zia stores in Arizona will get tickets, if by slight chance they may be a few left over, or found after this whole mess is over. I’ve been shut out twice these past two mornings. I’ve never had so much difficulty in buying tickets before. I’m a huge Matador fan, and would love to go, thanks in advance for your time and effort.

  16. I’m one of the lucky ones who got a ticket. I’m travelling from the UK and, due to friends missing out, going all on my own. Just wondering if anybody has a spare bed in their room at The Pearl they’d be willing to sub-let me on October 1-2 (already booked Oct 3 across the road) – I’d pay my share of the $99 and bring in the beers.

    I couldn’t afford to pay $99 a night just for me, but I’d love to be in the Pearl and part of the party rather than trudging off alone to the EconoLodge after the shows. If you don’t mind a stray but very well behaved Englishman making up your numbers, I’m on [email protected]

    Thank you!

  17. manged to score two weekend passes…lucky i know! not so lucky for us as we were trying to get 4 ticket hotel option. Now i have a dilemma – we paid on husbands credit card on, with our address as our friends who we were buying for are out of the country. How will that work if id is required on pick up? I have emailed ticketfly with no joy – it’s a long way from the Lake District in England to travel if they can’t get in!!

  18. I am in the same boat Oliver. I know some people accidentally bought too many tickets, and hope I can end up with 1 of them. Can anyone help a girl out that is in love with stellar music? [email protected]

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