FAQ for Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend

Lots of you have raised questions about our 21st anniversary event happening in Las Vegas from October 1st-3rd, both via the comments thread to Monday’s info post, and via email.

We’ve done our best to answer these questions in the following FAQ.

Remember, tickets go on sale this Friday at 9 AM Pacific via ticketfly.com, and at the two Zia Records locations in Las Vegas at 10 AM Pacific.

UPDATE: for information on how to get tickets at Zia, click here.

NEW UPDATE: The Ticketfly links are live for the three packages (tickets+hotel rooms, tickets a la carte, and tickets installment/layaway plan: HERE.

NEW NEW UPDATE: THE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT ALMOST SOLD OUT (SEE DIRECTLY BELOW). For those who were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms, please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the event.


1.) What is the cost and how do the tickets / hotel rooms work?

The cost of the show starts at $SOLD for a three-night pass plus an additional $SOLD per night to stay at the Palms. You can have up to 4 people in one room and the option to purchase up to 4 tickets. After the initial swathe of tickets is sold out, the cost of the show goes up to $SOLD for a three night pass. You must buy hotel rooms with these tickets – sorry if that seems extreme, but it’s how we were able to make this work economically with this lineup of bands in an intimate venue. We negotiated this rate for you and it’s a good one. There will be all-night events going on at Palms, and the concept is for a familial event with label staff, artists and fans all mingling and staying at the same site.

VIP tickets are available for $SOLD. These tickets (21+ only) will get you:

– Reserved Seating at the Pearl (AT THE FRONT)
– Access to Opening Party on Friday with open bar with staff and bands
– More TBA

For Las Vegas residents, there will be 100 tickets available for $SOLD at the two Zia Records locations in Las Vegas, for locals. These do not require purchase of hotel rooms. Tickets will be awarded via lottery at both locations, so please, don’t attempt to camp out at either store early that morning or the night before.

In response to demand, we are also offering a limited number of a la carte passes for $SOLD for those who choose not to stay at the Palms. These will be available Friday, July 9th with a 2 ticket limit via the Ticketfly site only.

Once the a la carte passes and the local tickets at Zia are sold out, ALL TICKETS WILL REQUIRE THE PURCHASE OF A HOTEL ROOM.

2.) Will there be an installment plan to buy tickets?

Yes. Details will be available on the Ticketfly site. (The installment plan does not apply to the Zia tickets.)

3.) Can I purchase multiple hotel rooms at the time I purchase the tickets?


4.) Can I purchase a ticket without a hotel room if I’m staying in someone else’s room?

No. The only tickets without rooms are the Zia tickets and the limited $250 a la carte passes. Sorry, but that was the only way we could make this work.

5.) Does the VIP package include a room upgrade?

No. You’ll have to purchase the room upgrade separately. When you get the rooms/tickets this Friday, it will tell you that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your room (as well as your ticket package, should you so desire) subsequently.

6.) Is the event all-ages?

The Pearl Theater is all-ages, however access to the Palm’s casino floor, as with all other bars and lounges, is restricted to those 21 and over. 95% of the performances are at the Pearl.

7.) What time are the shows starting / ending? What’s the running order?

We’ll be posting full schedules shortly before that weekend, but we intend to start the music early Friday evening, and concluding late Sunday evening.

8.) Will more bands be added to the bill?

A few more, yes. We’ll be making periodic announcements on the Matablog.

9.) Given the interest in this event, why wasn’t a larger venue chosen?

We were pretty keen on maintaining some level of intimacy; we’d discussed a number of different locations around the country, but sound and sightline considerations trumped our thoughts of how-to-sell-the-most-tickets-possible.

10.) Can I bring my cat?

Matador Records and Palms Casino and Resort respect all State of Nevada laws concerning service animals.

11.) What sort of additional events — parties, performances — etc. are planned for the weekend?

That’s still being determined, but rest assured that we are taking full advantage of our host venue.

12.) What sort of merchandise will be available?

A series of items commemorating the weekend will be for sale on site, as well as merch from the respective bands. In addition, we’re making arrangements with an independent record retailer to sell various vinyl and CD titles.

13.) “If I reserve a room can it be transfered to someone else?. Can I sell the room on eBay or another site to someone that wants it?”

No. You can share your room with whoever you want, but reservations cannot be resold or transferred.

14.) Will tickets be shipped or available via will call?

All tickets will be available for pickup at the Palms starting Friday, October 1. We’re trying to prevent the sort of scalper/eBay action alluded to above.

15.) “Can I record, photography or videotape the performances?”

What we’ll loosely dub “professional recording / photography / video equipment” cannot be brought into the Pearl. Point and shoot cameras are permissible, but flash photography will not be allowed.
If you require a photo pass or work for a newsgathering organization, please take that up with our publicity department.
16.) Are the seats reserved, or is the event general admission?

Regular tickets are general admission. You may watch from the standing area in front of the stage (limited capacity, first-come first-served each day), or sit in any available, non-reserved seat.

VIP tickets are reserved seats in the front.

17.) Is the Pearl accessible to persons with disabilities?

There are handicapped-accessible seats in the Pearl. Please refer any more specific questions on this topic to Palms Casino and Resort.

18.) What is the address of Palms Casino and Resort?

It is 2 blocks west of the Strip, on West Flamingo:

4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103-3903
(702) 942-7777

19.) What are the rules of 5-card stud?

5 Card Stud Poker – How to Play Five Card Stud Poker, Rules, Strategy Tips
The objectives and basic strategies for playing 5 Card Stud Poker that are shown here are those generally agreed to and recommended by the experts on bet limit poker games. Understanding the rules and basics is needed to know how to play at all competetive levels. Solid intermediate and expert level poker normally requires lots of at-the-table, or online game playing experience.

Limit 5 Card Stud Poker – 2 to 8 Players, Rules
Highest hand wins || Ace plays both high and low for straights || Three raise limit per round || Cards speak

Card Distribution and Betting Procedure

Example: $2/$4 Five Card Stud games.

After all players have anted $.25 or so, (1.) Each player is dealt one card face down and one face up. The player with the lowest upcard makes an forced bet of either $1 half minimum bet or $2 full bet (player’s choice) to start the game*. The rest of the players, in clockwise order, either call the opening bet, raise it, or not call and “fold” their hands back to the dealer. (2.) All get a third card face up followed by a round of $2 betting. From this round on, the player with the highest upcard(s) is always first to check or bet. (3.) After the fourth card is dealt face up, the minimum bet goes to $4. (4.) Then the fifth card is dealt face up and followed by the final round of $4 betting. The dealer then determines the highest hand and awards the pot.

*(Note). Only for the purpose of determining the lowest upcard to bring in the betting, the card denominations are sub-divided by these suit values in decending order: Spades the highest, through Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs the lowest.

How to Play Five Card Stud

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HIGH CARDS – 10 thru A .
LOW CARDS – 2 thru 9
DOOR CARD – The exposed upcard of a starting hand.
LIVE DARDS – Cards that have not been revealed on the board and are possible to get.
DEAD CARDS – Cards that have been revealed and no longer in the deck.
FAST PLAY – Bet, raise and re-raise to get as many other players out as possible.
SLOW PLAY – Just check and call along to keep other players in the game and increase the pot odds.
CHECK-FOLD – Check when you can and fold if you are bet into. Gladly accept all free cards offered.
Playable Starting Hands:
ANY PAIR – Fast play low pairs to try to get heads up. Consider folding if you don’t get trips or a live upcard on third street. Bet/Call high pairs.
BOTH CARDS HIGHER Than the BOARD – ie: You hold 9 8 and there is no opponent upcard that is higher than 7.
HIGH HOLE CARD that BEATS the BOARD with ANY UPCARD – ie: You have Q down/ 6 up and there is no opponent upcard that is higher than Jack.
HIGH HOLE CARD with a HIGH UPCARD that BEATS the BOARD – An Ace up is a good hand that you can sometimes take past third street unpaired, if you have a good kicker. The high card in the hole does not have to beat the board.

Strategy Tips:
DON’T PLAY for STRAIGHTS and FLUSHES, except for three cards to a straight flush.

USUALLY FOLD if you don’t have a PAIR or better in the FIRST THREE CARDS.

Remember the folded cards so that you know which cards are “live”.

Play only live cards from the start and at least semi-live cards from the middle to the end.

Study your opponents. When he or she plays a low upcard, it is likely that the card is paired or just a loose starting hand of some sort. Does the player bluff?

Can he or she be bluffed, etc.

Unless you are playing a strong draw hand, usually fold if your complete hand is beaten on the board by an opponent’s upcards.

Usually don’t play low hole cards.

Don’t fall in love with your Ace in the hole. If that’s all you have, against apparent strong hands, usually fold early.

Beware of the paired door card. This often means trips, especially if it is a low pair.

Get caught bluffing once in a while. It is a way to vary your play and not be too predictable. You win pots that you don’t deserve when your bluff works. You lose a few chips when it doesn’t work but it will get you calls from weaker hands down the line when you are strong and need the action.

Look for reasons to fold early. When someone else gets the card you wanted or you suspect that you are unprofitably chasing a better hand – fold it up. Trust your instincts and you will usually be right.

Make’em pay to try to draw out on you when you have a good hand.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

“Bullet Bob” Maxwell

20.) Why is it called The Lost Weekend?

Any questions on any of the above, please comment below, or email [email protected].

And keep checking the the Matablog or matadorrecords.com/21 for more updates.

(FRIDAY, JULY 9 ADDENDUM : Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 9) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly. There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($225 per ticket plus a $99 per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($399 each plus a $99 room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($250.00, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly. At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


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  1. Boy, no action here for a while. Is everyone still mad about not getting tickets?
    Any word on when additional names will begin leaking out? This show is making me wish that summer was over already, which is strange for the NW. I would like to raise my voice to say that if there is Matador Karaoke at the Palms I call dibs on ‘Big Boring Wedding’ and ‘Sheetkickers’

  2. hey if anyone reads this and has an extra bed or even a spot on the floor of your room at the palms where i can blow up my air mattress i will gladly pay you cash in hand.

    i promise im very chill but ready to party and gamble all my money away and i know all the fun is going to be happening at the palms. dont want to have to stay at a hotel 8 blocks away and then miss everything!

    email me at [email protected] and we can chat/work out details. thanks!

    GBV! GBV! GBV!

  3. Hello Matador,

    When will the VIP seating info be sent out? Last we heard it was 7/28, but no email ever came? What is up?


  4. Hi there,

    Is there any way to unload a single ticket (the only one I bought) at face value to someone else without making the trip to Vegas? I can no longer go and need to get rid of my GA ticket. Thanks.

  5. Looking for a single ticket (friends have room for me, but no extra ticket)… Would be very interested in a ticket! ab329(at)chebucto.ns.ca

  6. Now that you have had everyone’s money for nearly 2 months, any idea when you might let us know the days / times that the bands are playing or do we need to pay extra to get that information?
    There are some people (myself included) who may not be able to be there for all three days. I would like to know which 1 or 2 days will have the bands that are most important to me so that I can can plan accordingly.
    Thank you.

  7. Dear James,

    we’re making an announcement THIS week for sure regarding schedules. I’d love to charge you extra for this information but my colleagues tell me that won’t be necessary. Though I can’t give you the lineup info today, i can spill the beans that live music is getting started around 7pm Friday and finishing up after 1am on Sunday if that helps with anyone else’s travel plans.

  8. Andy, yes there is a way to sell your ticket at face value and not be present in Las Vegas if you can’t go. I just did a lot of research and found the answer. If you still have it available I’m more than happy to take it off your hands. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  9. Is the schedule listed (tentatively) in the order of each evenings line up as it suggests? This would put all the bigger draws (SY, GBV, Pavement, Belle And Sebastion, YLT) as the openers on each night which doesn’t make sense to me that the bands with lesser followings would be following the bigger names with a dwindling audience but that’s how I’m reading it.

  10. Dear Gerard,
    Thanks so much for “Making an announcement THIS week for sure regarding schedules”.

  11. If none of you has booked a room yet, I just scored the Venetian on Priceline for $140/nt. On Priceline, you have to go to the “name your own price” section, then select “Las Vegas Strip North” as the location, then select “5 star luxury.” I started bidding at $115/nt. and finally won at $140/nt. All the rooms are suites, so with 3 people in a room it’s pretty affordable. Good luck!

  12. I have two questions:

    1) This is for the Sept. 14th lottery winners. Has anyone hear back from Ticketfly? I sent in the required info on Tues, but have yet to hear back as to if I for sure got tix.

    2) How are the 3 passes going to work? Will I have to wear the same flimsy wristband for 3 sweaty, stinky Las Vegas days?


  13. Um.

    Can I reiterate that I am hyper excited about this show? I mean about these shows? I mean about this whole weekend? I mean about how in about a week me and my best buddy will pack up a week’s worth of booze, drive into the desert, post up in a swank room in Las Vegas, and rock out to a fair dozen of our favorite bands?!

    Seriously, this is a supernova on the bleak horizon that is my immediate future, and I am juiced up beyond belief.

    Are there going to be a few more teasers for what we can expect for the weekend, maybe before I pack? Any planned gambling sessions with the Matador poker chips? Any raffles planned, perhaps with a few lucky rooms being gifted VIP upgrade status? Or will we be given a dossier when we arrive with all the tantalizing details…?

    Again, thanks for the party, and I’ll see you there!


    Seriously, I could do that every weekend for the rest of my life, except I may lose my job if I never get my voice back. Hopefully I can speak again by Thursday’s GbV show in Portland. Thanks for the best weekend ever, I love each and every one of you.

    P.S. The anniversary set sent me to the first bag search I’ve had to do since 9/11, and the search dude really dug the set. I think they’ll both order one.

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