Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Oct. 1-3 : Let The Crazy Speculation Begin

As mentioned previously in this space, Matador will be celebrating the label’s 21st anniversary this October and this much we can finally confirm : there will be 3 nights of shows starting Friday October 1, and concluding Sunday October 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort In Las Vegas, NV. We’ll be dropping further hints about the amazing lineup in the days ahead, but a final announcement and information about how to purchase tickets will be made here at the trusty Matablog on July 5. Are you as psyched as we are?  (hopefully yes, because we’re getting in for free).

(ADDENDUM – there’s been a bit of confusion so just to clear things up, tickets DO NOT GO ON SALE JULY 5.  We’ll merely be announcing the on sale date/time on July 5.  thanks – GC)

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  1. Please add Thinking Fellers Union ,RailRoad Jerk ,The Fall, and Interpol and lastly the FROGS!
    I hear the suites have recoring studios in them..MAybe a allstar band recording there ..I know Thurston would do it ..MAn you could make multiple Superbands and record them and it would sell..

  2. From Las Vegas Citilife Magazine:
    “Given the location and size of the performance venue Matador chose for its 21st birthday festival, it’s obvious they didn’t really have Las Vegas locals in mind. And that fact was cemented this morning, when the indie label announced that not only would $199 three-day passes require purchase of a three-night stay at host-resort Palms, but opportunities for locals to buy a pass — no single-day tickets allowed, folks — sans room would be limited to 50, through Zia Record Exchange.”

    Good luck with that.

    So, any of you who thought of driving in and getting a reasonably priced room at another hotel or crashing at a friend’s, you’re F’d too.

    read more…

    very disappointing

  3. Peter, I’ve just Mike Prevatt’s piece and while he’s totally entitled to his opinion, I take great exception to his argument that “Matador should have capitalized and staged this in a bigger venue”. We’re not in any way pleased that some folks who want to attend are going to be shut out, but had we, for instance, done these shows in a space that could’ve held 5,000 + (and such things were considered), I think there’d be just as many if not more claims that we didn’t give a hoot about the fans. These concerts wouldn’t sound or look the same in some enormodome.

    As far as the claim, “it’s a surprise this wasn’t an exclusive weekend getaway for the label, the bands and their pals”, from this end if feels like we’re trying pretty hard to make this event accessible to as many real humans who aren’t part of the rock biz as possible without turning into something more to do with crowd control than music.

  4. The line-up is absolutely amazing. Maybe I’m saying this because I am bitter since for me attending is impossible, but this event should be ocurring in another city and in another venue. Again, it might just be the bitterness.

  5. Amazing! What a line up! Can you please, please do the shows also somewhere in Europe!

  6. Gerard, 50 tickets to the locals is BS. The Palms, to give you the venue, possibly for free or at a discount or a cut of the room charges, I don’t know, asked for the exclusive room deal. So, like many an organizer you soak your attendees instead of paying for the venue. So, that part of the deal leaves a lot of your fans and friends out in the cold who can’t afford the Palms room rate. Then there those of us who live here. The palms lowest room rate for the weekend is $299.00 Friday night, $399.00 Saturday night. ROCK N ROLL BABY! Did you guys negotiate that?

    Just so you know I don’t disagree about everything, by Vegas standards, the $199.00 is a STEAL. It is just the room deal that, in my opinion, puts you on the wrong side economics.

    I think I’ll just go see the Pixies at the Joint and forget about this one.

    Or maybe you can throw everyone a bone and have some offsite shows at the Beauty Bar and the like.

  7. Peter,

    we’re not getting any cut on the $99 per night rooms.

    Not to pick a fight but the $299 Friday and $399 saturday rates you quoted have nothing do with this particular debate. Persons buying tickets for the weekend are getting the rooms for a discounted $99 per night at the time of purchase . Locals who are fortunate enough to obtain tickets at Zia on Friday don’t have to reserve rooms at ANY price.

  8. Wait, maybe I’m understanding wrong… we have to buy the rooms @ $99 to even get a ticket? I’m still in, but this is starting to become tough for my friends to join me. $199 is perfect as a price, I was ready for higher, but do we really HAVE to stay at the Palms?

    and how would I go about reserving a room by Mitch Mitchell, that guy is badassed.

  9. Matador,

    Hi my names Jake. My hobby is listening to music. Ten years ago in a muggy fog depressed by all the absolute crap I was hearing on mainstream radio I went to a record store(remember those) and bought a guided by voices album cause I thought the album cover was cool. Since that moment life has been good. They saved music for me. I am such a fan that I would have bought every every album Bob has ever put out but I try to stretch it out at about 1 a month so hopefully if I live to about 80 i will be able to listen to everythink he has ever released. GBV music is one of the greatest things life has offered me. I check bob’s website everyday in hopes that he may play another life show again (he’s gettin old). I seriously thought I was dreaming when I saw the classic line-up. I could give two shits about the other bands at this show. I discovered GBV late and I never got to see them live. This is the only show I will probably ever want to go to for the rest of my life. I can’t swing the hotel price. I can totally afford the ticket price. I’m begging you guys to arrange something where I can at least see them 1 night. Any way possible to stay and pay for 1 night. In Vegas you Gamble. I am betting 10 bucks GBV starts their set with \Stiffled Man Casino\. I am doubling down on my faith that you guys will answer my prayer. Please consider.

  10. No way Jake. Shit’s gonna start with Over the neptune/mesh gear fox. It fucking HAS TO.

  11. I agree that this is slightly disappointing…

    199 PLUS 99 room rate per night..
    PLUS a plane ticket…

    it’s just too much. no normal person can afford any of that.

    You should have just done this somewhere more economic like Chicago or NY (yes even NY is cheaper than Vegas)

  12. Y’all are just a little crazy. NY is DEFINITELY NOT cheaper than Vegas. Nor is Chicago. That’s just silliness. In the 2010 Forbes magazine 10 most expensive cities in the US to visit, NY is #1 and Chicago is #6.

    It’s fine to feel frustrated, but let’s not get ridiculous.

    That said, I’d sell my car to go to this show. Fingers crossed for tickets.

  13. I’m a Las Vegas native and I’ve heard a lot of other locals talk about how they’re getting fucked.

    just think about it..The Palms is a 2100 person venue..Las Vegas is the only city that Matador is offering a 100 pre-sale tickets (without the room package).

    This shit is gonna be insane it will sell out..With the pre-sales at’s safe to say there will be a 100 Las Vegans in at the show.

    Also, with people coming in from all around the world for this event ..I doubt they’re will even be a 100 people from New Yorkers or a 100 from Philly ect…I think it’s safe to assume Las Vegas will be the largest group in attendance at the festival.

    From my point of view it doesn’t look like Matador is pissing on Vegas. If anything they’re giving us an advantage no other city will get.

  14. Gotta agree with the sneak, Jake, “Is anybody ready to raaaawk!?” will be the first sounds to ring… I’ll take that bet, by the way, as it doesn’t fall in the “classic period” at all. And as for not giving a shit about the other bands: try to shit them, cause most are really awesome.

    Also, to those griping about pricing: Really? This is not yer average festival, and Matador owes nobody anything, but Gerard and the rest seem to have pulled an amazing show together, so let’s give them a hand.

    I think NY would only be cheaper those that live there (since Vegas is more of a hotel/flight cheapo spot) and Vegas is perfect for drunken debauchery.

    I’m only waiting for a confirmation on how the hotel rooms will work… since up to 4 can fit in a room, and since it sounds like hotel room is mandatory, do we have to purchase all 4 tickets at the same time as the hotel?

  15. I live in Vegas. I have a friend coming in from out of town (if this gets worked out). It appears by this thread that I will most likely miss out on the pittance of 50 tickets dropped in the dirt by Matador on the way to the gold mine at the Palms, to the hungry dogs that do not work which will be mobbing Zia records in record numbers. I have called Zia a few times and they have no info WHATSOEVER. They seem to be getting pissed about this arrangement. I’m not sure what I will do but the possibility of me seeing this show is looking quite grim.

  16. so to make matters more confusing there are multiple versions of this info on the matador site….some are updated and others are not (like this one). they’ve updated to allow a ‘limited number’ to by ticket with no rooms for $250. Here is all 3 versions of the blog i have seen.

  17. Keith,

    the entry will be edited shortly to reflect the new information. I can confirm that we are going to sell some tickets Friday without a required Palms reservation for $250 each.

    There’s nothing contradictory about the Matador blog post from June 29. That mere was a teaser for the July 5 announcement.


  18. Save your money for a more worthy financial ass pounding like Coachella. Plus it’s not in a casino. Single days would have been nice. Chances are GBV will tour, so I’m not all that disappointed.

  19. My apologies for what appears to be an angry post. I was just mad because it won’t be easy getting tickets. My tantrum is over and I will thumb wrestle anyone for a ticket!

  20. Yeah what makes you think GBV may tour? That is the only glimer of hope I can see throughout this mess. Also does anybody know if Demos will play bass? I can’t see Bob making Mitch play bass everyone is gonna want him to rock the guitar.

  21. Demos will indeed be on bass, and I’d bet $100 they won’t tour. None of them have been touring for a while, so I’m pretty sure this is a one off.
    And it appears to be official: all my friends bailed on me, and I don’t think I’m going to go.
    This is partly because we can’t even find out who is playing on what day, and that’s too much unknown to plan such a pricey weekend. Thanks for making the best lineup every, matador, but I must decline…
    oh, and did someone get to choose the spam robot word pairs we have to type in?
    Because this time it says “munched her”

  22. Glad nobody shook my hand on that bet, looks like they may. Who the fuck cares because I am fully in! To anyone (like me) following this page, check the site FAQs
    ( ), cause it answers most anything anyone could reasonably ask.
    I’m thankful that I can afford this right now, because it’s going to be amazing. See you lucky bitches there!
    Also, did you ask Bottomless Pit to do Silkworm stuff? Cause that’s about the only thing that could make this better (*Railroad Jerk*).

  23. I agree with other comments that a Helium reunion would seal the deal. I know Mary is playing in another band at the moment, but securing them would be a huge draw for this show.

    I’m just sayin’…

  24. will any of the bands play on top each other or at the same time? and how long will they play?

  25. Gerard, you have to give the Northeast a little piece of this. C’mon, the northeast has been the bedrock of Matador sales and swagger. I hit the Irving Plaza NYC for the 10th anniversary – I think…Pavement played, Cat Power…but this latest lineup is out of hand…I would love to be there, but vegas???? Nobodys got the cash right now to go to Vegas. How about Philly, NYC, Boston? You got to give us some blue collar access to this dream team.

  26. Jimmy,

    you’re right. NYC, Philly and Boston _never_ get any decent shows!

    in all seriousness, we (heart) the east coast. Maybe Matador at 25 — if today’s experience hasn’t killed us.

  27. I clicked away madly from 8:55 PDT until 9:21 AM PDT when the website finally declared “tickets are no longer available for this event.” Both days – Friday and today.

    Thanks for making me feel like a rejected whore, Matador/Ticketfly!!

  28. Gilhouse, on behalf of Matador and Ticketfly I’d like to say:
    You’re welcome.
    AND, no charge!

  29. is the tickets already sold out for this please so no i just found out about this today and its a once in a lifetime chance for me i would give my left leg to be there

  30. As someone who has been a HUGE fan and supporter of the Matador label, I am very disappointed that more tickets are not available to fans.

    On July 5th, Gerard said:

    “we’re trying pretty hard to make this event accessible to as many real humans who aren’t part of the rock biz as possible without turning into something more to do with crowd control…”.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t look that way from here. A venue of say 5000 (essentially doubling the capacity) would have allow many more hard core fans to attend and would hardly have required the kind of crowd control one expects at Lollapalooza or Pitchfork.

    I personally have NO gripe about the ticket prices. I think the ticket and room packages offered were bargains. I (and others I know) would have gladly paid 2 – 3 times those prices for a chance to see so many of my favorite bands in one place.

    But, of course, that won’t be possible because we can’t get tickets!!!

  31. Hi Michelle,

    I’m sorry, but we wanted a more intimate event than a 5K crowd could possibly provide. That necessarily meant excluding some people.

  32. Thanks for the reply, Patrick. I definitely understand the appeal of a small venue but while I don’t want to quibble about semantics, let’s be honest: it meant excluding A LOT of people.

    At least I was able to see Pavement recently, or I’d be pretty miserable right now…

  33. Michelle,

    you’re correct. A venue capacity of 2100 means someone’s gonna be left out if more than 2100 people wish to purchase tickets. But at the risk of seeming overly defensive about this, we wanted to ensure the best possible experience for those who purchased tickets, not necessarily the most profitable or largest event we could possibly assemble. Most of the bands on this bill have played their best shows in climates very different from 5000 capacity venues ; it’s also pretty hard to maintain the same sort of focus/favorable presentation for 21 or more bands in a venue suited for 5K or more. And that’s what I mean when I refer to “crowd control” — it’s not so much about security, it’s more to do with a situation in which major compromises are made in terms of sound and sight lines. I’m not saying it’s impossible to have a good time at a 5K capacity event or even a 10K or 15K capacity event. But for fans besides those who are closest to the stage, it’s a lot tougher.

    I’d submit the persons who were successful in obtaining tickets probably include just as ardent supporters of the label as yourself. That said, we appreciate the constructive criticism and shall keep in mind going forward. If at some point additional tickets are released (and we’re not able to promise such a thing), there will be announcement here and on the dedicated matador at 21 site. (

  34. Gerard,
    I am the last person to dispute the enormous appeal of a small venue. The best shows I’ve ever seen have been at venue’s much smaller than the Pearl (a double encore pavement show with steve getting on drums for two states, comes to mind).

    I just have never seen so much demand for any event in my life. Even if I wanted to pay obscene prices (and believe I’d be tempted) to buy a ticket from a \re-seller\, there are no tickets out there. It’s unheard of, in my experience.

    So, I’m only pointing that there is tremendous demand out there…and, to be fair I’m absolutely biased BECAUSE I WANT TO GO!!!

    Seriously, I love Matador bands. So I’m not really complaining about what Matador is trying to do. And I also understand there is no way you could make everyone happy. It just feels weird to be willing to unload tons of cash for something and not be able to!!

    Thanks for the replies. I’m done venting. I think I feel a little better. 🙂

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