Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Oct. 1-3 : Let The Crazy Speculation Begin

As mentioned previously in this space, Matador will be celebrating the label’s 21st anniversary this October and this much we can finally confirm : there will be 3 nights of shows starting Friday October 1, and concluding Sunday October 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort In Las Vegas, NV. We’ll be dropping further hints about the amazing lineup in the days ahead, but a final announcement and information about how to purchase tickets will be made here at the trusty Matablog on July 5. Are you as psyched as we are?  (hopefully yes, because we’re getting in for free).

(ADDENDUM – there’s been a bit of confusion so just to clear things up, tickets DO NOT GO ON SALE JULY 5.  We’ll merely be announcing the on sale date/time on July 5.  thanks – GC)

159 thoughts on “Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Oct. 1-3 : Let The Crazy Speculation Begin”

  1. i love las vegas and all the bands and really wanna go but somewhat confused — is it too late? just figuring it out now with miles, etc. are tix and hotel still available?

  2. I was in a band called Bettie Serveert on Marador in the 90’s, what a shame we did not reform for this, anyway congrats everybody at Matador for sticking to it!

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