Out TODAY : Perfume Genius – ‘Learning’ LP/CD/digital album

Today, Monday June 21*, Matador is releasing the debut full-length album (LP/CD/digital) from Seattle’s Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius.  ‘Learning’ is a home recording as stark, haunting and downright jarring as any we’ve heard ;  harrowing personal stories laid atop unshakable minor-key melodies, we’ve been obsessed with Hadreas’ songs for months and have a sneaking suspicion more than a few of you will have a similar reaction. Actually, a cursory trip around the the internet reveals all sorts of reactions, and while it would be tempting to cobble together the long and varied list of iconic artists Perfume Genius has already been compared to, none of that means anything compared to laying in bed listening to ‘Learning’ at 2am. If you’d prefer to go for a drive while playing the album, that’s ok, too. We’re not here to police your activity.


You can stream ‘Learning’ starting today at the Perfume Genius MySpace page. There are a pair of Perfume Genius shows in NYC next month ;

Tue, July 20 – 92Y, Tribeca, NY, NY (tickets)
Fri, July 23 – Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY  (with Melati Malay) (tickets)

‘Learning’ is available today on LP, CD, MP3 or FLAC from The Matador Store

*- ‘Learning’ is available in the UK thru Turnstile

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