HI. Most of you are probably aware by now that it’s soccer season. Soccer season occurs when actual soccer season is over, and the world cup happens. Another thing that happens is charity soccer games. We are involved in one next week, and it’s like this:

Right To Play is an international organization aimed at empowering and building skills of children in the developing world through sport, focusing specifically on girls, people with disabilities, children affected with HIV/AIDS, refugees and street kids. The organization uses soccer in 23 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America to promote things like education, health promotion and disease prevention, and community development.

When people say “sports are stupid”, besides the fact that sports are in fact mostly great, this is one of the ways they are actually important as well. Sport is something that touches people everywhere on the planet, and is as culturally prevalent and important as music. The ridiculous global lead up to the world cup this year should help explain what I mean. Kids everywhere in the world want to lead happy and productive lives, and in most cases just want to play soccer.

Anyhow, we’re taking part in a NXNE soccer (football) game next week to benefit Right To Play – a bunch of music people are playing against a bunch of industry people (you can see the lineup HERE) including Rick The Temp. Players are being sponsored individually to raise money, so if this sounds like the kind of thing that might be up your alley, you can go


to donate money, even if its like $5, or even if you are reading this blog in Djibouti on vacation.
And/Also if you are in Toronto, you can come watch the game. It’s Sunday June 20th at BMO Field.


[via 10,000 Marbles’ Looking For Gold blog]

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