June 24 In Stockton, CA : The Return Of Gary Young

The rock world has seen all sorts of momentous reunions no one would’ve predicted recently.  Sammy Hager and Michael Anthony.  DRI.   The Faces with original vocalist Mick Hucknall and bassist Glen Matlock (hey, look it up!). But I feel very safe in saying none of the above pack the punch of the following newsflash  :   Original Pavement drummer Gary Young (above) will be behind the kit, accompanying SM, Spiral, Mark Ibold, Steve West and Bob Nastanovich on Thursday, June 24 at Stockton, CA”s Bob Hope Theatre. You know, the same Stockton concert somebody who may or may not edit this blog used as a cheap excuse to pick on a hardworking reporter who was just trying to do his job. Tickets are still available, but they won’t be forever.  You might wanna think about flying in.