Mission Of Burma In (Temporary) Exile


(performing ‘The Obliterati”s “Donna Sumeria”, September 5, 2009)

Persons familiar with the crazy econo-touring habits of Mission Of Burma circa 1980-82 will recall the band’s American jaunts were often managed via numerous connecting flights and mind-numbing layovers.  Despite label suggestions they hit the continent via boat, there’s a similar scheme at work this week, bringing Burma to Ireland, the UK, Porugal and Spain for the first time since the release of 2009’s fantastic ‘The Sound, The Speed, The Light’.

12 May – Crawdaddy, Dublin
13 May- Dingwall’s, London
14 May – Butlin’s Holiday Centre (Pavement-curated ATP)
24 May – Ze Dos Bois, Lisbon
25 May – Serralves, Porto
26 May – Festival Sinsal Oito, Sala Mondo, Vigo
27 May – Primavera Sound, Barcelona

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  1. Rochester NY?
    Musta slept thru that one. I recall being in Cleveland but what the hell do I know?

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