Doing Fine In The 209 : Pavement Prove Local Pundit Wrong, Hometown Show Scheduled For June 24

(Stockton vets The Authorities react to news that all their friends think they’re getting in free to see them play with Pavement on 6/24)

Days after baseball etiquette expert Dallas Braden warned Alex Rodriguez, “we don’t do much talking in the 209”, the former Stockton, CA Little Leaguer made history Sunday by becoming just the 19th pitcher to throw a perfect game.

Amazingly, this was the 2nd biggest Stockton-related story to hit the newswires yesterday, as Pavement have confirmed they’ll be playing the venerable Bob Hope Theatre on June 24.  Said announcement is a blatant nose-thumbing to San’s Ian Hill, who’d previously promised his readers, “the most influential indie band to emerge from Stockton, won’t be stopping here on its reunion tour.” Hill, apparently the Cindy Adams of the Central Valley, admits his error in a subsequent post, but attempts to focus on whether or not the June 24 show is likely to turn a profit (“we’ll probably never know how Another Planet and Pavement set up the June 24 concert. The financial details of the show most likely never will be disclosed, as information about performance fees is typically kept secret in the concert industry.”)

Indeed, it’s a highly secretive business, and perhaps someday another savvy journalist (Albert Goldman? Fredric Dannen? Rob Jovanovic?) will get to the bottom of how Pavement could manage to play a 2000 capacity venue and still cover their vast production costs (pyro, lasers, mothership, etc.)

2 thoughts on “Doing Fine In The 209 : Pavement Prove Local Pundit Wrong, Hometown Show Scheduled For June 24”

  1. Sit down show in (apparently) a nice theater. You know, a Fox theater from the 20’s. Nice gesture to do this show, for the old…for what, now? I’m guessing Scott’s idea, if for no other reason than to acknowledge Gary Young. Malkmus is over on his side of the stage, singing the (his) songs, barely able to stand the site of Spiral roaming around the stage, keeps telling himself: “private school tuition, on your lake I’m fishin…”…

    They have a Meyer sound system, nice. The “Bob Hope” Theater? Yes, folks, Stockton aspires to Burbank status, that sketchy. I’ve been there twice: to see Dylan, Wille and John Mellencamp at the minor league park (fun, summertime drive on Hwy 4 w/ my daughter), and when my car broke down on the way to Yosemite (and gosh was I glad that Avis was open on Sunday…drove my truck back over the pass on 580 with one gear, 4th. good times.). Yes, it’s a sketchy, tacky place, but so is Sacramento and 90% of LA County.

    Northern California Rules! (Maybe I’ll go up on the hill at the Greek..hmmm…nah)

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