NYC: The Ultimate Get Together

Austin had the original Together Shuttle, Portland made you dance for your tickets, Philly never ran out of free flowing beer, Boston had the most #tweeting participants, Seattle had the highest volume attended, Atlanta and LA were at your favorite local record stores, the list goes on… What’s been so successful about our spring togetherness, has been the individuality of each market’s party. The people, the variety of giveaways, and more! Most all of our #gettogethers have come and gone now in the last two weeks (aside from Cleveland tomorrow, and Phoenix 5/8), and we’ve had a blast with you all! So what could we possibly be posting about…?

Possibly, the Ultimate Get Together. Special guests joining our #togetherness: The New Pornographers! Presented by: Matador Records, Other Music, & The New Pornographers: GET TOGETHER: NEW YORK TUESDAY MAY 4th @ ARROW BAR (85 Ave A) 8-10pm (arrive early for free drinks!) 21+ DJ Set with members of the band + albums available on site. Giveaways: Tickets to New P’s 5/5 Fallon show/performance + autographed TOGETHER vinyl + tickets to 6/19 Terminal 5 + more! …and of course, arrive early to be one of the first 20 to receive Carl Newman’s spring Get Together mix. rsvp: [email protected] – must rsvp, but, still based upon capacity, arrive early!!

Winners drawn so far for TWEETING @ #gettogethers (please DM email your mailing address to @matadorrecords Heather Mac, and we will send you all sorts of New Pornographers vinyl goodies!) +  more to come: @markjamesmurphy  @emilyhogan  @postmodernism @basicdrummer @volatilerecs @thomashartnett  @CortJstr @brandonc

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  1. Hey, I’m one of the lucky winners (thank you so so so much!), but Twitter won’t let me DM @matadorrecords because someone has to follow you in order to send them a DM. What’s a girl to do?

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