back from the gold soundz

first show in auckland

hello to all…

if you haven’t heard, pavement are back from the dead. we’ve been having a blast so far on the reunion tour. thanks so much for coming to see us! we started back in february in new zealand and australia. we played the cities of auckland, sydney, meredith, adelaide, perth, brissy, and melbs . thank you so much, all of us enjoyed your hospitality, generosity, and love. and being my future hemisphere, you did us proud! the great 3D’s opened for us in auckland and it was like stepping back in time. hearing ‘outer space’ again was a special thing. what a sound! and the melbourne legends, gersey opened for us in australia . they were just as good as they were back in the day, actually much better!

backstage in sydney
this guy came up and sang on conduit...
this is a pavlova! my favourite desert in the world...

after the tour ended, the fun was just to begin since i was married in melbourne on march 20. so many of our family and friends stuck around and it was a very special day. if any of you have a chance, get married in melbourne, you’ll never forget it! we honeymooned in thailand for a week, and had some crazy food!

kravit seafood raft restuarant phuket, thailand

the tour resumed in tokyo with sm barely making the first show. he had problems with his visa and made it to the club 20 minutes before the show. i gotta say, after a 10 hour flight, he impressed us all. tokyo was crazy! the fans were amazing! all of us had a few days to see tokyo and had an awesome time. thanks to our friends there for showing us the sights. we then took the shinkansen to osaka. what an experience that was. speeding along at 200 mph is not very good on a weak stomach like mine. the crowd in osaka was very special as well. thanks so much for coming to see us! the next night in nagoya we played one of the smallest shows on the tour at club quattro , where pavement played long ago. 400 people rocked out and had a great time. all of the band and crew had a great time here! we ate too much fried chicken wings though! can’t wait to come back for summersonic in august!

tokyo light show...
tokyo rock city...
la nast at hanshin tigers baseball...
7th inning stretch at hanshin tigers game...
6 pm set time in osaka...
chicken wings in nagoya!
nagoya club quattro... smallest show on the tour...

after leaving japan, we arrived in la and chilled out for a couple days before our first US show in over 10 years. and we played it in of all places, the beautiful city of pomona! my grandparents live in corona, not far from pomona so i am very familiar with the place. a lot has changed that’s for sure. they still have in and out burger though which was a nice change after so much japanese food. the show was really fun, as we ran thorough 30 songs and two hours of pavement hits. the crowd reaction was much different than japan so it kind of confused us for awhile but after we hit our stride, we knew people were having fun.

pomona hipsters!

a few days later, coachella. yes, that coachella… home of pavement’s worst show ever! those days are in the past folks. the band was pretty nervous leading up to this but ended up playing what we thought was a pretty great show. we were up on the big big stage, but we seemed like a band playing in small club. hope all who saw it enjoyed! we know we did! see you at the hollywood bowl with sonic youth and no age in sept.

the big time...

speaking of september, we have announced some new shows in north america. seattle, portland, and vancouver! seems so far away!

we’re getting ready for our european shows now. and we’re looking forward to getting back to london, the site of pavement’s last ever show. hopefully no handcuffs this time! and can’t wait for the atp festival where we picked all 40 bands. seeing the clean again will be one of my highlights! but i can’t forget broken social scene and the authorities! so many great bands!

i also want to mention that i’m playing a spiral stairs show in london on may 12th after the pavement brixton show. it’s at the windmill pub in brixton, just down the street from the academy! we play at 12:30 am and it’s cheap to get in! see you there!

ok, that’s it for now. i’ll try to keep all of you updated as the tour progresses, but there’s also for setlists and news as well as for all other info.

also check out steve west’s tour blog and our monitor guru jeremy lemos chicago reader blog.


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  1. Hey Spiral!

    Funny how you thought the crowd at the Pomona show was hard to read – OF COURSE we all ENJOYED the show, that’s just how silly SoCal “hipsters” are (unfortunately, I guess) – you know how it is! 😀

    Anyway, keep bloggin’ – nice to see your updates. Peace.

  2. Hey guys, I don’t know where else to ask this, but I have a question. I was at the Amsterdam gig in Paradiso, and before you guys came up the lights went out and they played a song real loud. It sounded a bit like Can or something, I just can’t figure out what song it is. Is it part of the show? If yes, which song is that? Great show btw, will see you again in Nijmegen soon.

  3. My name is Kier Cline. I’m a media researcher for National Geographic School Publishing. I found your photo of the 7th inning stretch from a Japanese baseball game and wanted to know if you own the image and would be interested in licensing it to us for a fee? Please email me back at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

    Kier Cline
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