Thor To Governator : Brother, Can You Spare A Fighter Jet?


(from 1976, Thor on “The Merv Griffin Show”. Taken from the unreleased DVD box set, “Thor : The Proto-Piazza”)

Who amongst us hasn’t sat awake at night fantasizing about various rock icons reaching out to state Governors for assistance? For instance, Larry Lifeless would like Deval Patrick to tear up some parking tickets. Bobby Steele having a word with David Paterson about widening lanes on the NY State highways (admittedly, I might be mixing this up with a “Seinfeld” episode). Sometimes, however, reality is far more amazing than anything we might come up with while high, as the following item from that treasure trove of insane press releases,, illustrates.

Jon Mikl Thor has sought help from his old friend and fellow bodybuilder, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jon has asked Arnold to see if it was possible to board a military plane bound for Germany at the Beale Air Force Base in Northern California, 45 miles from Sacramento, to attempt to perform a concert at the Keep It True festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany on April 23.

Jon has helped Arnold before by performing with his band THOR at the Beale Air Force Base to entertain the military.

“The volcanic ash from the Icelandic eruption has stopped all travel from North America to Europe for commercial airlines,” Thor explained.

“I don’t always ask Arnold for help but this is a special request. If Arnold ever needed my help, I would be there in an instant.”

There are interesting parallels in both Jon and Arnold’s life. Both Jon Mikl Thor and Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Universe championship in their careers. Both have also had successful movie careers. Jon is planning on running for office in Washington state and Arnold already is a governor of California.