Listen to Harlem on KUT tonight, 9:00PM CDT

(photo by Pooneh Ghana)

It may not be possible for readers of this blog not to be aware of the annual Bobby Soxx Memorial Festival that’s taking place in Austin this week (known to insiders as SOXXXSW), and it is likely just as impossible that you’re unaware of the many shows that Austin’s Harlem will be playing during said festival. On the off chance that you missed it, a complete list of Harlem’s shows (along with the shows of Matador labelmates Fucked Up, The Cave Singers & Shearwater) can be found right here.

Prior to all that, though, you can get warmed up by tuning in to Austin’s friendly neighborhood public radio station, KUT, and checking out an instudio from Harlem tonight at 9:00PM Central. Those of you who live within driving distance of Emo’s can find KUT at 90.5 on your FM dial, while the rest of the Internet-enabled universe can listen at

Should you feel compelled to bring the Harlem magic home with you, please note that our online store has quite the deal on their upcoming album, Hippies: 15% off, free poster, and you get the mp3s instantly.