Pavement Rehearsal Update

spiral here from the pavement. we are about to embark on our very ambitious world tour in a couple days. march 1 is the first date and it’s in a place very special to our hearts… new zealand. we’ve got the great 3d’s opening so it’s gonna be a legendary night. we then travel across the tasman sea to my future country of residence, australia (i’m actually writing this to you from brisbane where i’m spending a few days torturing my fiance and her family practicing the songs before the tour starts). speaking of practice, we recently had two good weeks of practice in portland. it was the first time some of us had been in the same room together for close to 10 years. i think we all were a little nervous. it started off pretty rough, except for our drummer who probably practiced the most. but… by the time we had finished, most of the 40 plus songs we had rehearsed were sounding pretty good. we’re really looking forward to the year ahead and seeing all the fans out there digging the music makes it all worthwhile. so thank you for buying tickets. we’ve also got the cool ‘qtp’ best of comp coming out march 9. it was compiled by the band and includes all our faves from the catalog.

also… thanks to all for buying the spiral stairs record. i’m planning some shows in the new year in between the pavement maelstrom. we’re set to play all tomorrow’s parties in the uk and maybe some others around those festival dates. as for north america, look for shows in june or july in the midwest and east coast.

in the meantime, enjoy these photos from portland…

7 thoughts on “Pavement Rehearsal Update”

  1. Hi Spiral, thanks so much for the update.

    Please don´t forget South America on this tour, at least the major cities.

    Best regards, Rony.

  2. Guys, please listen to Rony! You have to come to South America this time around!
    Tell them, Mark! We love you down here! S.M. knows it too!

  3. Guy,s
    Please Add Montreal, Stockton/Morada/Lodi to that tour list and i’ll be a happy Stucktonian-French-Kanadian-Camper!

  4. Exciting stuff man, updates are appreciated. I’m still waiting for more dates over in the West coast in North America. 😉

  5. I don’t wanna sound like a little girl…Pavement coming back will mean a lot to some of us. I think you guys will be surprised by how well you are received. The music you made is so good. You are going to love playing for us all. Thanks.

  6. Yes ! The PAVEMENT reunion is on ! We already have the Auckland setlist and pictures, some 10 hours after the show…..

    ‘In The Mouth A Desert’
    ‘Trigger Cut’
    ‘Loretta’s Scars’
    ‘Shady Lane’
    ‘Father To A Sister Of Thought’
    ‘Rattled By The Rush’
    ‘Summer Babe’
    ‘Kennel District’
    ‘Silence Kit’
    ‘Range Life’
    ‘Stop Breathing’
    ‘No Life Singed Her/442’
    ‘Fight This Generation’
    ‘Date W/IKEA’
    ‘Box Elder’
    ‘Gold Soundz’
    ‘The Hexx’
    ‘Give It A Day’
    ‘Cut Your Hair’
    ‘Spit On A Stranger’

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