Fucked Up & Kurt Vile commandeer WKDU Philadelphia at 2:30 and 5:30PM EST today

The flyer above pretty much says it all, but if your browser’s not displaying images or you have trouble with military time (and are also unaware of how the subject line of a blog post relates to the content of said post), here are the pertinent details: Fucked Up of Toronto, ON and Kurt Vile of Philadelphia, PA are paying visits to the latter city’s own WKDU before tonight’s show at the Barbary, and each will be treating your ears to a live session at 91.7FM or wkdu.org. Fucked Up plays at around 2:30PM EST (it’s college radio, we thrive on uncertainty in this biz), and Kurt follows at 5:30PM EST (or thereabout).

In addition to the opportunity to see the FU & KV show tonight in Philly, there are a few more chances to see this dynamic duo in action:

Wed-Feb-17 Philadelphia, PA Barbary
Thu-Feb-18 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
Fri-Feb-19 Brooklyn, NY Europa
Sat-Feb-20 Boston, MA Middle East Downstairs

Those of you looking for a more permanent way to spend time with the aforementioned artists (though when you get right down to it, is anything really permanent) should click on over to the Matastore to purchase the latest Fucked Up and Kurt Vile jams, both of which come highly recommended by the discriminating music fans of Philadelphia and the world.