Times New Viking – 2/11 Don’t Forget

For some people: Burt Reynolds, Larry Merchant, Leslie Nielsen, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few, 2/11 can never be forgotten, it’s their birthday. For sports fans 2/11 marks the day Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson (1990), Dean Smith (UNC) racked up his 600th career coaching win (1987), and Willie Mays became the highest paid player in baseball with an annual salary of $130,000 (1966). Others who are historically inclined remember 2/11 as the day Mandela was freed after 27 years in prison (1990), Dwight Eisenhower became the commander of allied forces in Europe (1943), and Pennsylvania Hospital, the first in America, was opened in large part because of Benjamin Franklin (1752).

So as I’ve demonstrated there are plenty of reasons to never forget 2/11. But in our humble opinion there is no reason more important than Times New Viking and their greatly under appreciated album of last fall, Born Again Revisited. So in doing our part to never forget 2/11, we’re offering a free MP3 download of TNV’s 2/11 Don’t Forget with a few stipulations. 1) you play it loud and often, and 2) you never forget 2/11. We never will.

download available here:
2/11 Don’t Forget

One thought on “Times New Viking – 2/11 Don’t Forget”

  1. I am trying to do my very best to support music I like. I like times new viking. I like Matador records.


    At this point it is easier to pay for the album from you, and then go and torrent it. I shouldn’t need an extra download helper or that crappy songbird app. I should be able to just click a link and get a zip of the stupid album. And by the way, I also shouldn’t need to enter in all the extra account info IF I AM JUST GOING TO USE PAYPAL ANYWAY!

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