Cold Cave dates cancelled

Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances (mainly involving the blizzard along the East Coast) have led to the cancellation of the following Cold Cave shows — There are plans to reschedule dates in each of these cities.

  • 2/9 Orlando, FL – Backbooth (w/ Nite Jewel)
  • 2/10 Tampa, FL – Crowbar (w/ Nite Jewel)
  • 2/11 Atlanta, GA – Criminal Records
  • 2/11 Atlanta, GA – 529 (w/ Nite Jewel)
  • 2/13 Greensboro, NC – Legitimate Business (w/ Nite Jewel)

All remaining dates remain on schedule.

4 thoughts on “Cold Cave dates cancelled”

  1. my first attempt at a post here was blocked by the admins, i wonder why? all i asked was how nite jewel was able to make the SE shows but Cold Cave wasn’t. also i mentioned that my wife and i lost the money for our tickets in Atlanta because we weren’t given enough notice to return them prior to the show date. i guess you can’t say anything critical even on a matador mesage board, huh?

  2. Alan,

    I’ve found no evidence of your earlier post or any attempt by the “admins” to block it. A cursory glance at this blog will reveal all sorts of critical comments are allowed. I’m not familiar enough with Nite Jewel’s recent travels but perhaps htey were already in the region as opposed to having to head down the eastern seaboard. in any event, we regret the inconvenience but the matter of a refund is up to you and the promoter — we didn’t put these shows on, nor do we participate in the ticket sales. For the record, it seems to me that if the headliner cancels, you ought to be entitled to a refund.

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