Forbidden rice


Saw this at Kalustyan the other day and decided to pick it up. It looks like wild rice but actually has nothing in common with it. The inimitable Kalustyan description says: “GROWN IN CHINA, ONCE EXCLUSIVE GRAIN OF THE EMPERORS & KNOWN AS BLOOD ENCHRICHIN & LONGEVITY RICE. IT IS A MED GRAIN RICE WITH WHITE KERNALS INSIDE THE BLACK BRAN. VERY TENDER WHEN COOKED, HAS NUTTY TASTE, IT IS BEAUTIFUL WHEN SERVED WITH CHEESE AND GREEN VEGETABLE.”

First however you need to rinse it. Startlingly, after the description above, it gives off vast quantities of dark red colored liquid when rinsed. You then cook it as one might cook basmati despite the fact that it’s medium grain. If you happen to buy yours from Kalustyan and are following the cooking instructions on the label, note that the second line of the instructions has been transposed with the fourth. And very importantly, you do not want to cover “lightly”. The correct instruction is to cover “tightly.”

The rice was delicious with roast chicken and green beans. The description above is accurate: nutty and tender, with almost a walnut taste. Recommended.


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  1. I love Kalustyans! I don’t get over there enough; every find there is precious and delicious!

    (BTW, you can find Forbidden Rice at places like Whole Foods, etc., too.)

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