Jay’s memorial service

Jay’s memorial service will take place tomorrow, Saturday, January 16 at 5:00 PM:

Memorial Park Funeral Home
5668 Poplar Avenue

We’ve been asked to post this publicly so that everyone who cared about Jay can attend.

I never thought I’d be writing something like this. We miss you so much, Jay.

3 thoughts on “Jay’s memorial service”

  1. i wish to pay my respects, after everyone goes (like early feb) can you p/l share where he will be buried i dunnot care if there is a plot i just want to say my piece (this is my email attached)

  2. jay was just getting started.
    this is horrible.
    he was so young.
    his music is being played in my house as i’m writing.
    Rest In Peace Friend
    even though i never i got to meet you

  3. i heard he was buried next to isaac hayes! ive been trying to find coverage of the memorial service, if anyone at matador could let us know what happened or has any links to coverage for those of us who couldnt go, that would be great. i realize it was a tough day for everyone involved, i just hope someone was there to document the celebration of a life we all enjoyed experiencing. good luck getting through this tough time, his music will live on forever.

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