I was on a flight to NY this afternoon and when I landed there were about two dozen text messages about Jay Reatard’s passing. It is the height of understatement to say I’m upset, confused and deeply saddened by the loss of one of the more amazing people I’ve been fortunate to know.  In record company parlance, yeah, we’ve lost (let’s go down the checklist) a phenomenal performer, songwriter, and insatiable music lover.  But we’ve lost a great friend as well, and that’s the part that hurts the most.

We’re not the only ones feeling that way right now, obviously. Jay’s friends all over the country, heck, all over the world are dealing with this. I know his various scrapes over the years have made for cheap internet fodder, but the people who cared about him are gonna remember a real person that mattered to them.  Our thoughts are with that very large group of people this evening.

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  1. I selfishly mourn the great outpouring of fantastic music to come that we’re now deprived of–decades of it from a prolific artist. My condolences to his friends and family.

  2. I am so glad that I dropped everything but my cameras to join Jay on his 2008 UK tour to spend time with the man plus enjoy and photograph some great shows. Once you earned his respect he would let you in and his conversation was a mine of insights and good sense. Stephen and Billy too. I got the chance to do the same at Camden Underworld in London for the final date of 2009’s UK trip where Jay was accompanied by two of denmark’s Cola Freaks on bass & drums, a very different show but equally memorable for so many positive reasons. The gig is documented in my blog entry that weekend:


    My thoughts are with all those who knew him far better than me, he and his live music will be much missed. The recordings of course will serve as a permanent tribute to a fine talent.

    To those who have missed out on this man’s amazing music, an excellent example can be found if you go to YouTube and search for:

    Lost Sounds I Get Nervous

    Recorded for a 2005 radio broadcast and also filmed in 4 parts, this set of clips captures something of the excitement of a full-on live performance.

  3. I am sad. I was so eager to see where he’d go musically and what he’d do next, how as a performer and musician he’d evolve. I was always so taken with how fluidly he played guitar. I am grateful to have seen him perform twice. Deep sympathy to all who knew and loved him.

  4. What a shock. I am utterly shaken about this. Damn, this is hard to believe it’s real. Just a very shocking thing…

  5. Jay’s showin’ Jimi, Bonham and Cobain how to really get it done right now!

    Thanx for giving punk rock a swift kick in the nuts man!

    You’re missed already!


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