Mission of Burma air their not so Dirty Laundry


While in Los Angeles during their November tour, Mission of Burma, or at least 3/4s of Burma, were able to air their dirty laundry from the comfort of the Echo’s artist green room. Admittedly Burma’s dirty laundry is lacking of any major dirt as the band opted to praise Matador honchos Gerard Cosloy and Patrick Amory, name check fellow label mates, Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth, and thank Burma fans who have supported them for decades, instead of airing any grievances or talking any smack. But these days there is too much negativity anyway, so we were pleased just to watch them tell their story.

A nice backstage conversation, courtesy of Dirty Laundry TV, which shows just how nice these guys really are. If you’re in Boston or New York in January then stop by the following shows to see just how good these guys really are!

Fri, 1/15 – Boston – Paradise
Sat, 1/16 – Boston – Paradise
Fri, 1/29 – New York – Bowery Ballroom
Sat, 1/30 – New York – Bowery Ballroom