3 thoughts on “Jon Spencer speaks”

  1. JSBX albums ARE being re-issued with bonus tracks:

    “Jon Spencer is deep into Heavy Trash, his continuing collaboration with Matt Verta-Ray, but next year will see the return of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. In retrospect, at least.

    Starting in the late spring, Shout! Factory will begin a catalog campaign that includes a new best-of compilation as well as expanded reissues of the group’s studio albums. Spencer promises “a lot of additional tracks” but, he adds, not an inordinate amount.

    “There isn’t going to be tons and tons of unreleased stuff,” he tells Billboard.com. “We’re trying to keep them to single discs. There will be B-sides from singles in Europe, stuff like that. Hopefully it will be an easy way for someone to tie things up and put them all in one place.”

    The reissues will not come in chronological order, however; Spencer expects 1995’s “Now I Got Worry,” the trio’s fourth album, to follow the best-of collection.”

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