Coming Jan. 26- ‘Casual Victim Pile’, Matador’s Stirring Salute To A City Most Of Us Visit Once A Year

As most of you are aware, when I’m not opening prescription medication I’ve found in Chris Lombardi’s desk attending marketing meetings at 304 Hudson Street,, I spend the majority of my time in the lovely city of Austin, TX. The region’s musical heritage, while often acknowledged in the major trade fairs and sprawling rock festivals, often leaves some folks more recognized than others ; 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, Moving Sidewalks, Doctor’s Mob, True Believers, Big Boys, Dicks, Nice Strong Arm, Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, Texas Instruments, Daniel Johnston, 16 Deluxe, Glorium, …Trail Of Dead, Spoon, Shearwater, Strange Boys, Total Abuse, Hex Dispensers, etc. NONE OF THESE WONDERFUL ARTISTS HAS A STATUE, and that makes me want to cry.

ole-859 casual victim pile

The thing is, I really suck at making statues. I’m a little more accomplished, however, at putting together compilations. On January 26, Matador will be releasing a double LP / single CD collection/ digital album called ‘Casual Victim Pile (Austin 2010’), featuring 17 songs from a newer generation of Austin bands (plus a couple of wildly talented ringers from Denton for good measure). I’ve been working on this comp. off and on over the past year and I feel pretty good about this record being a valid representation of….uh…..the bands I like to see most often? The Austin Chronicle recently touted CVP as “shaping up to be the most impressive regional comp since 1983’s ‘Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death’ (Ward 9) , and while I’ll take that praise any day of the week, to my ears it more closely recalls Matador’s 1991 NYC underground sampler., ‘New York Eye & Ear Control’.

Of the album’s 19 songs, 18 are previously unreleased, Harlem’s “Beautiful & Very Smart” being the only current exception. Only Harlem, The Golden Boys, The Distant Seconds and Elvis have released full albums previously, while several of the bands on this album (Flesh Lights, Dikes Of Holland, KOSL, The Stuffies, The Persimmons) are making their recorded debuts (at least as of this writing). Here’s the track listing.

Follow That Bird! – The Ghosts That Wake You
The Young – Blister
Woven Bones – Spirits Roam
Flesh Lights – Crush On You
Dikes Of  Holland – Little City Girl
Tre Orsi –  The Engineer
The Distant Seconds – Akron Bureau
Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers – Hoboken Snow
Elvis – Mommy’s Little Soliders

Love Collector – First 48
Bad Sports – Can’t Remember Your Name
Wild America – Drink It Dry
Harlem – Beautiful & Very Smart
The Stuffies – No One’s Gonna Miss You
The Golden Boys – Older Than You
The No No No Hopes –  Nobody’s Fool
The Teeners – Nazis On Film
The Persimmons – The Notice
Lost Controls –  Entirely Wired For Sound

There will be more news to follow in the days in weeks ahead, including a multi-night stand at one of Austin’s more beloved nightspots (OK, Beerland) featuring the majority of the album’s participants. In the meantime, ‘Casual Victim Pile’ is available for preorders starting today from The Matador Store,  2XLP for the discount price of $15.30, single CD for $8.50

P.S.  ‘Casual Victim Pile’ is an anagram for ‘Live Music Capital’.   I learned that from a talking statue.

7 thoughts on “Coming Jan. 26- ‘Casual Victim Pile’, Matador’s Stirring Salute To A City Most Of Us Visit Once A Year”

  1. great idea, Gerard!
    god, i miss these compilations of upcoming bands, yknow? mostly when the “subject” of the compilation is like a city music scene.
    now is all myspace. not that it is bad, but it shouldn’t murder the compilations.

    i’ve been really addicted to some compilations from atlanta and athens in the 90’s.
    mostly hardcore stuff. it gets me excited and a little nostalgic – even though i was a little kid at time – and far away from Georgia. that’s the power of compilations.
    good luck!

  2. How come’s #1 & Chronicle’s #7 album of last year didn’t make it? booo Drew Smith’s Lonely Choir! I hope to see them on a compilation one day.

  3. of all the bands in town who didn’t make the record, that’s the one you’re complaining about? Sheesh, put out your own comp. please. And if the Drew Smith Lonely Choir have scaled the heights of being’s #1 album of last year (and admittedly, I’ve never even looked at that website before), surely they don’t require the leg up from us.

  4. When did the Austin Chronicle ever know anything about music? KUT comes out with a comp every year. You can get your bob schneider there.

  5. I love Follow That Bird
    Golden Boys blows my mind
    Starting to feel better about dikes from holland

    don’t really like the rest of the stuff

    But to be fair I haven’t really listen to the denton bands, Elvis, Wild America, The Young or The Bad Sports so I might pick this up.

    Wouldn’t have been my comp. but you could probaly make 10 good austin comps right now
    but I am glad to see Austin bands getting pub

    I really glad matador is doing this I’m in band in Austin (not on the comp) and it’s nice to know someone is paying attention

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