Ridin’ On The Chooch Train

There’s only one professional sports team that I dislike more than the Anaheim Promise-Keepers and that’s the hometown crew in pinstripes.

So as a Philly ex-pat living in New York, I’m more siked than most for the Fung Wa Bus series.

And like many in Philly, I’m on the Chooch Train.

While we’re pretty sure Kurt has not endorsed the following clip, I’m sure the kids over in Fishtown, out the Main Line and straight up Broad Street do.

One thought on “Ridin’ On The Chooch Train”

  1. Amen, I just moved to here from Michigan, and I can’t stand the Yankees and their fans. Since the Tigers are too pathetic to have made the playoffs and had their shot at the Yanks, I’m rooting for the Phightins all the way in this fall classic…

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