Fucked Up – Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009


On January 26 we will be releasing a double-CD and double-LP compilation of Fucked Up‘s many, many hard-to-find uncollected 7″ and 12″ tracks. Entitled Couple Tracks, it contains 25 songs. (There are rumors that there may be a simultaneous 7″ single of the same name). Designed as a sequel to their earlier compilation, Epics In Minutes (Deranged, 2004), the cover photographs riff on the Beatles red and blue albums thang. Comes with complete illustrated discography of the contents, with extensive liner notes about each song. Double CD is only $11 $12 direct from us. Double Vinyl will be gatefold 120-gram with MP3 coupon, priced at only $18 direct from us. PREORDER here.

Couple Tracks spans an extraordinarily varied (and extraordinarily collectible) musical career that has mainly been documented on 7-inch vinyl singles released around the world on many labels in many countries. Chronologically, it ranges from the A-side of their first single, No PasarĂ¡n, a commentary on the Spanish Civil War released on Deranged in 2002, to the fast alternate take of No Epiphany, their latest 7″ on Matador from earlier this year.


Other notable tracks include:

  • the definitive version of Generation and its two B-sides, Ban Violins and Magic Kingdom, released on Slasher – the introduction to the A-side comes from a Hamas recruitment CDR
  • covers of songs by British twee -pop legends The Shop Assistants, Another Sunny Day and Dolly Mixture, from two 7″es self-released by the band and only given away at a single show in Toronto in 2006, plus the B-side of a Matador 7″ from mid-2008
  • original, heavier versions of songs that later ended up on Hidden World, such as Triumph Of Life and Neat Parts, both from the 7″ originally released by Peter Bower Records in the UK
  • Fixed Race, from the Spanish version of Dangerous Fumes, aka Humos Peligrosos, released in Spain on La Vida Es Un Mus in 2006
  • Toronto FC, from the Hard Skin split 7″, only given away at a show in London in 2007
  • the 12″ version of Last Man Standing, only available if you selected the correct set of interlocked grooves on the B-side of the Year Of The Dog 12″ released in 2006
  • 5 unreleased tracks
  • Plus much more – all beautifully remastered for your listening pleasure:


    1. No PasarĂ¡n (A-side of first 7″, Deranged, 2002)
    2. Neat Parts (7″ Version) (B-side of Triumph Of Life 7″, Peter Bower, 2006)
    3. Generation (7″ Version) (A-side of Generation 7″, Slasher, 2005)
    4. Ban Violins (B-side of Generation 7″, Slasher, 2005)
    5. Dangerous Fumes (A-side of Dangerous Fumes 7″, self-released, 2005)
    6. Triumph Of Life (7″ Version) (A-side of Triumph Of Life 7″, Peter Bower, 2006)
    7. Fixed Race (B-side of Humos Peligrosos 7″, La Vida Es Un Mus, 2006)
    8. Toronto FC (from Hard Skin split 7″, No Future, 2007)
    9. Black Hats (B-side of Year Of The Pig 12″, What’s Your Rupture?, 2006)
    10. David Christmas (A-side of David Christmas 7″, Hidden World, 2007)
    11. No Epiphany (Fast Version) (unreleased Chemistry Of Common Life outtake, intended for No Epiphany 7″, Matador, 2009)
    12. Crooked Head (Video Version) (unreleased edit of track from Chemistry Of Common Life, 2008)


    1. I Hate Summer (B-side of Crooked Head 7″, Matador, 2008)
    2. Teenage Problems (B-side of Dangerous Fumes 7″, self-released, 2005)
    3. Carried Out To Sea (unreleased demo version of song from Hidden World, 2006)
    4. Looking Back (B-side of Shop Assistants 7″, self-released giveaway at Toronto show, 2006)
    5. Anorak City (Another Sunny Day cover, B-side of Year Of The Pig UK edit 7″, Matador, 2008)
    6. I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You (A-side of Shop Assistants 7″, self-released giveaway at Toronto show, 2006)
    7. Mustaa Lunta (B-side of Year Of The Pig Japanese edit 7″, Matdaor, 2008)
    8. Dream Come True (B-side of Dolly Mixture 7″, self-released giveaway at Toronto show, 2006)
    9. Magic Kingdom (B-side of Generation 7″, Slasher, 2005)
    10. Magic Word (Daytrotter Version) (unreleased version of Chemistry Of Common Life song from Daytrotter Session, 2008)
    11. Last Man Standing (Year Of The Dog Version) (from Year Of The Dog 12″, Blocks Recording Club, 2006)
    12. He’s So Frisky (A-side of Dolly Mixture 7″, self-released giveaway at Toronto show, 2006)
    13. David Comes To Life (Daytrotter Version) (unreleased version of Hidden World song from Daytrotter Session, 2008)

If you get Couple Tracks together with Epics In Minutes, then you will still have only a portion of the incredible Fucked Up singles output, but definitely the cream of the crop.

Fucked Up play the annual Fucked Up Festival in Toronto on Halloween weekend.

Then they come down to Brooklyn for a very special event – they will play the entirety of The Chemistry Of Common Life at the Masonic Temple in Fort Greene, with all the supporting instruments and parts from the album. Andrew W.K., The Vivian Girls and Katie Stelmanis will join them onstage, along with other performers to be announced. Katie Stelmanis and Titus Andronicus will be opening. Get your tickets HERE.


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